Guangdong Petrochemical Project’s 1.2 million tons/year ethylene plant is handed over

On June 30, the 1.2 million t/a ethylene plant of the Guangdong Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project (referred to as Guangdong Petrochemical Project) was completed and handed over, and entered the stage of commissioning.

The Guangdong petrochemical project is the largest one-time investment project of PetroChina during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, which is of great significance for ensuring national energy security and realizing the transformation and upgrading of the refining and chemical industry.

The 1.2 million t/a ethylene plant is the “leading” plant in the chemical industry. It mainly produces ethylene, propylene and other products, as well as by-products such as hydrogen, methane-rich gas, pyrolysis carbon 4, pyrolysis gasoline and fuel oil.

The installation is contracted by China Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd. EPC, jointly implemented by Huanqiu Beijing Company and Huanqiu Sixth Construction Company, and adopts a complete set of ethylene patented technology independently developed by Huanqiu Company. Huanqiu has designed and built the liquid cracking furnace with the largest single production capacity in China, and applied the cracking gas compressor with the largest power in China.

Integrated management out of the “acceleration” of project construction. In order to efficiently promote the construction progress, the chemical production department of Guangdong Petrochemical Company enhanced the service awareness, optimized the construction organization, established node rewards, and stimulated the enthusiasm of all participants in the construction. Huanqiu Co., Ltd. established a general project department in Guangdong petrochemical project for overall planning and coordination, giving full play to the advantages of “headquarters-subsidiary” management, EPC overall planning and general contracting management advantages to realize the integrated allocation of resources. Huanqiu Beijing Company and Huanqiu Sixth Construction Company established a joint management team to fully implement the concept of “one family, one heart, one game of chess”. The three links of design, procurement and construction are highly integrated, deeply intersected, seamlessly connected, and improved in a collaborative and linkage model. The speed and efficiency of project construction.

The “six modernizations” model creates a “booster” for project construction. The joint project management team implements the concept of “six modernizations”, realizes the collaborative design of digital delivery through in-depth standardized design, and provides technical support for factory prefabrication and modular construction. During the construction stage, the project team achieved a new speed of completing 16 cranes in the radiation section of the cracking furnace in 88 days and capping the main structure of the cracking furnace in 13 months through methods such as pre-process and process innovation. At the same time, the pilot of digital delivery and modular design was carried out in the gasoline hydrogenation unit for the first time, which opened up the whole process of modular design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of large-scale process units; It takes 146 days to complete the manufacturing and 3 days to complete the hoisting, realizing “the tower lights up”.

The “Red Engine” condenses the power of struggle. Huanqiu Company established the Party Working Committee of the General Project Department in the Guangdong Petrochemical Project to play the role of “setting the direction, managing the overall situation, and promoting implementation”, relying on the party group, the party member demonstration post, the party member responsibility area, and the youth demonstration post to tackle urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks. Focus on solving various key technical problems on site. The “heart” of the ethylene plant – the “three units” is difficult to install and requires high requirements. The party branch took the lead in setting up a QC team, using large compressor unit oil to flush the temporary filter screen, quick replacement of devices and other small innovations, small inventions, and small renovations to solve construction problems and escort the installation of the largest unit in China.