Inner Mongolia Junzheng calcium carbide capacity replacement technology upgrade and transformation officially filed

Latest News: On September 15, 2022, the upgrading and transformation project of the capacity replacement technology of the supporting raw material calcium carbide (calcium carbide) constructed by Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially filed in the local Bureau of Industry, Information Technology and Science and Technology.

The total investment of the project exceeds 2.3 billion yuan, which is 2,383,828,900 yuan, including 729,580,400 yuan of self-owned funds and 1,654,248,500 yuan of bank loans.
, The planned construction start and end period is from September 2022 to December 2023, and the project implementation site is Wuda Industrial Park, Wuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Inner Mongolia.

According to reports, this project will build a 5×81000KVA large-scale closed submerged arc furnace with a production capacity of 598,000 tons through the upgrading and transformation of capacity replacement technology. The production unit includes: limestone raw material storage and transportation, blue carbon raw material storage and transportation, blue carbon drying, lime production device, screening and upper batching system, calcium carbide production and cooling, furnace gas purification, furnace gas conveying system and other units, and supporting construction Auxiliary public works such as air-pressed nitrogen workshop, circulating water station, central control room and power distribution room, fire-fighting facilities, accident pool and sewage pool.

Earlier, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia issued the “Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1 million tons of degradable plastics green environmental protection recycling industry chain supporting raw material calcium carbide project capacity replacement plan (public announcement) announcement”, the replacement projects include : Wuhai Siling Smelting Co., Ltd., Wuhai Hongfei Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Lier Chemical Co., Ltd., Wuhai Xingda Civil Affairs Welfare Chemical Co., Ltd., Wuhai Yangrong Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. , Wuhai Haixin Chemical Co., Ltd., Wuhai Yiyang Smelting Co., Ltd., Wuhai Xingyuan Smelting Co., Ltd., Wuhai Minghua Smelting Co., Ltd., Wuhai Shenli Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhai Ditiantai Calcium Carbide Factory, etc.