PIMA expands certification program for polyisocyanurates

Latest: The Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) has expanded its manufacturing of polyisocyanurate (polyiso) roof thermal insulation materials for Canada and the United States voluntary QualityMark certification program for business owners. The program enables participants to obtain third-party certification of the Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) value of thermal insulation products independently selected from the production site. The expanded program now includes third-party verification of thermal resistance values ​​(R-values) for full-thickness products selected independently from distribution locations. Results of the expanded program criteria will be published starting in 2023.

Justin, President of PIMA
Koscher said: “PIMA began implementing QualityMark’s new program requirements in the second quarter of 2021. While the pandemic brought early challenges, including the inability of independent agencies to participate in product selection due to travel restrictions, a year into the new program, we Encouraged by its success. The past year has allowed PIMA to validate that the expanded program will provide end-users with valuable performance information by selecting and testing products more frequently.”

“We will continue to work with program participants, test labs and our third-party program administrator Intertek throughout the second half of 2022, and look forward to sharing additional program details, including program results, in 2023.”
Justin Koscher added.

The QualityMark program was first launched in 2004 to enable polyisocyanurate manufacturers to obtain third-party certified long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) values ​​for polyisocyanurate roof waterproofing and insulation products produced in Canada and the United States .

Marcin, Technical Director of PIMA
“Polyisocyanurate is the only thermal insulation product that publishes an LTTR value certified by a third-party program,” Pazera said. “Our QualityMark program is a valuable, accessible and A tool for the letter and will provide the building industry with confidence that choosing a polyisocyanurate insulation means choosing the best insulation for a roofing project.”

For more than 30 years, the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) has been the voice of the rigid polyisocyanurate industry, promoting safe, economical, sustainable and energy efficient buildings. Founded in 1987, PIMA is an association of polyisocyanurate manufacturers and industry suppliers. Polyisocyanates are one of the most widely used and cost-effective thermal insulation products in North America.