Wanhua Chemical’s TPU hose helps to “keep the chain off” at the critical moment of firefighting

Latest News: As the awareness of fire safety is gradually gaining popularity, fire extinguishers have also become the “resident guests” of fire science popularization. As an “intermediate” for transporting flame-retardant liquids such as high-pressure water or foam, fire hose is an essential equipment for fire fighting operations. Under the test of repeated winding, dragging, high pressure and other external forces and long-term high humidity environment The overall performance requirements of lining materials have become more stringent.

In order to improve firefighting efficiency and protect people’s lives, Wanhua Chemical has customized and developed a series of polyether TPU lining products and TPU adhesive products with excellent performance for the fire hose industry. Mold resistance, flex resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties greatly extend the service life of fire protection products and reduce the labor intensity of firefighters. It is the “best + choice” for high-end hose lining materials.

In the future, Wanhua Chemical will rely on innovative material technology and join hands with more partners to continue to expand in various fields with high-quality and stable products and customized solutions, so as to escort the safety and health of all mankind!