Xinjiang, an important channel for coal transportation in Xinjiang, will expand and transform the railway capacity and the transportation capacity will reach 100 million tons

On June 29, the reconstruction of Diwopu Station of the Urumqi North to Zhundong Jiangjunmiao Railway capacity expansion project was put into operation, and the Urumqi railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project entered the final sprint stage.

The Wujiang Railway is about 257 kilometers long. The line starts from Urumqi North Station and ends at the Junmiao Mine in Zhundong Coalfield.

In order to give full play to the advantages of rich coal resources along the line, the railway department started the Uzbekistan railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project in stages, changing the single-track to double-track, and the diesel locomotive traction to the more environmentally friendly electric locomotive traction to further improve transportation. ability.

In April 2021, the construction of the Uzbekistan railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project started, and in November of that year, the first phase of the project was put into operation. It is expected that on August 30 this year, the railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project in Uzbekistan will be completed, and the one-way transportation capacity from Zhundong to Uxi will be expected to increase from 50 million tons to about 100 million tons.

Chen Li, deputy director of the Construction Department of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that according to the model of completing one section and opening one section, after the reconstruction and operation of Diwopu Station, it means that the railway from the north of Urumqi to Ganquanbao will be opened transitionally, opening up Urumqi to Urumqi. The “last mile” of the railway.

According to the plan, the Wujiang Railway and the Azhun Railway will form the northern Xinjiang railway loop, which together with the Jiangjunmiao to Naomaohu railway under construction constitute an important part of the northern channel of the “three major channels” of the Xinjiang railway.