Zhongtai received financing to promote the implementation of three major industrial chains including BDO

Latest News: On the morning of September 14th, the signing ceremony of Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, Kunlun Trust (CNPC Assets) and Guolian Industrial Investment Fund was held in Beijing Petroleum Financial Building. In accordance with the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Tenth Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the two parties reached cooperation framework agreements in a number of industrial and financial fields, committed to creating a new model of industry-finance cooperation and helping the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s characteristic industries. Wang Zengye, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Kunlun Trust (CNPC Assets) and Chairman of Guolian Industrial Investment Fund, and Wang Hongxin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhongtai Group, attended the signing ceremony.

During the symposium, Wang Zengye welcomed the visit of Wang Hongxin and his delegation, and exchanged views on matters such as deepening investment and financing in the energy industry, expanding cooperation space, establishing long-term cooperative partnership, and promoting mutually beneficial and high-quality development. Wang Zengye said that the signing of the cooperation framework agreement and the active development of strategic cooperation between the central and local governments are specific measures to thoroughly implement the spirit of the third central Xinjiang work symposium, especially the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech when he inspected Xinjiang.

For a long time, Kunlun Trust (CNPC Assets) has paid great attention to the industrial development of Xinjiang and Zhongtai Group. At present, PetroChina’s subsidiaries in Xinjiang have formed a good cooperative relationship with Zhongtai Group in various fields and at various levels, laying a good foundation for this signing. Mutual trust basis. As a leading enterprise in the national chemical industry and a key state-owned backbone enterprise in Xinjiang, Zhongtai Group is an important partner of PetroChina in Xinjiang. The synergy effect of the whole industry chain of the three main businesses of Zhongtai Group has been continuously enhanced, and it successfully entered the Fortune Global 500 list this year, demonstrating the mission of a state-owned enterprise in the vivid practice of promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Xinjiang.

Kunlun Trust (CNPC Assets) will give full play to the leading role of central enterprises and lead the coordinated development of local enterprises in industry and finance. It is hoped that Zhongtai Group can give full play to the geographical advantages of Xinjiang’s “Silk Road Economic Belt Core Area”. Accelerate the promotion of the three major industrial chains of textile new materials, coal-based new materials and BDO, actively participate in the development of the international oil and gas industry, promote the construction of new energy bases at a high level, and help the high-quality development of Xinjiang coal chemical, oil and natural gas and other characteristic and advantageous industries.