2022 Polyurethane Innovation Awards shortlist announced

Latest News: On August 24, 2022, the American Chemistry Council’s Center for Polyurethane Industry (CPI) announced that Carbon’s EPU
44. DuPont’s Thermax™ non-halogen insulation and Chemours’ Opteon™ 1150 were finalists for this year’s Polyurethane Innovation Awards.
This annual honor recognizes the innovative, state-of-the-art business technology within the polyurethane industry. These finalists have produced amazing innovations in the polyurethane industry that will address challenges faced by multiple industries.

The award will be presented to the winner at the 64th Polyurethane Technology Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, October 3-5.

The Polyurethane Innovation Awards provide an opportunity to recognize visionary and ground-breaking achievements in the polyurethane industry. Lee, Senior Director, Polyurethane Industry Center (CPI)
“This award highlights our industry’s commitment to encouraging and advancing technologies that enhance our quality of life through sustainable practices,” said Salamone. “CPI congratulates Carbon, Chemours and DuPont on the top three finalists, and we look forward to meeting at the Polyurethane Technology Conference. at the opening ceremony to recognize and showcase the achievements of these companies.”

The finalists described their innovations as follows:

44 is an industrial-grade elastic 3D printing resin with 40% bio-based components, especially for lattices that require high elasticity. It has superior dot matrix performance, prints faster, uses less material, and has higher green strength to protect finely designed parts. EPU
44 demonstrates that it is possible to have highly sustainable materials without sacrificing performance.

DuPont’sThermax™ Non-Halogen Insulation: DuPont’s new line of Thermax™ brand of non-halogen (NH) insulation is the first of its kind The safest product with superior performance to meet the needs of architects, contractors and occupants for high-performance, energy-efficient buildings. With this innovative formulation, DuPont becomes the first polyisocyanurate to offer a Grade A product
(polyiso) manufacturer of wall insulation that does not contain halogenated flame retardants commonly used in building insulation polyurethane foam while meeting stringent wall building code requirements.

The Chemours Opteon™ 1150: The Chemours
1150 (also known as HFO-1336mzzE) is commercialized, a new generation HFO blowing agent with a unique boiling point, excellent thermal properties and extraordinary stability. Compared with other HFO and HCFO foaming agents, it has the advantages of low toxicity, non-flammability, and longer formulation shelf life. In addition, HFO-1336mzzE has a low global warming potential
(GWP), zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and more. This is a solution for industries preparing for the transition to a sustainable future that meets and exceeds current regulatory standards.