Attention to environmental protection advocate green production

img_shzr_01Chemical industry as mankind has created unprecedented wealth, to meet the people’s production and life increasingly high requirements. At the same time, the natural environment is essential for human survival, our development should not be more not to expense of the environment.
TRW Chemical uphold the “harmony with nature” philosophy of environmental protection, through technical exchanges with international experts to carry out and achieve common development and utilization of new technologies. In order to achieve sustainable development as the goal, focus on improving energy efficiency, highlighting the economies of scale, creating a resource-saving and environment-friendly and safe production-oriented enterprises, build a green chemical production group.

Integrity first responsibility as a mountain
Integrity and social responsibility has always been based on our healthy development of a strong driving force.

Humanitarian assistance love public service activities

img_shzr_03TRW Chemical actively participate in social activities. The company has donated to the earthquake-stricken areas, public aid and rescue organization and clothing; promotion of employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities; support “readily donate love” charity staff spontaneous, helping poor people so that vulnerable groups in society feel …… TRW people love the warmth, TRW Chemical Group also actively contribute to the visual representation of the community.