A new generation of invisible car cover is here, take you to experience Japan’s GDPPF invisible car cover

Latest News: With the continuous development of new material technology, people’s research in the field of materials is getting deeper and deeper. According to online public information, the development of new materials in terms of market size and product structure is very high. Strong. Among them, the growth of market scale is also inseparable from the enrichment of product structure. Nowadays, in all walks of life in our lives, there are already a lot of use of new materials. Among them, the invisible car cover, that is, the paint protection film is one of the important branches.

The new generation of invisible car cover is here, take you to experience Japan's GDPPF invisible car cover

In fact, the invisible car cover is not a new product. In the 1970s and 1980s, it has been used in some machinery and equipment that requires special protection, as well as in the fields of automobile rallying. The invisible car cover is really used in the field of civilian vehicles, but it has only been a decade or so, but it is at this stage that the material of the invisible car cover has achieved full development.

The material of the invisible car cover has also gradually evolved from PVC, TPH, PU, ​​TPU. The base material is getting better and better. At the same time, the coating of the car cover is also from scratch, and the coating technology has also evolved with the development of materials. achieve rapid development.

Japan’s GDPPF invisible car cover is a paint protection film product imported from Japan, starting from TPU, and the substrate has gone through from TPU-HDI (aliphatic) to a new generation of TPU-HMID (aliphatic/lipid) Cyclic) addition polycaprolactone as a combination of high-quality TPU substrate. Coatings range from salamander bionic coating to silicon-crystalline titanium composite double-coating technology, and now a new generation of TMIS silicon-crystalline chromium composite double-coating technology.

From the point of view of materials science, in the future, there will be more products with new technology applied to the invisible car cover, and the GDPPF paint protection film will always be at the forefront of new materials. The product is updated and iterated so that users can enjoy better products.