Alternative to natural gas! Dürr launches electrically heated car body oven for climate neutrality

Latest: To achieve climate neutrality, and to cope with rising carbon dioxide prices and uncertainty about natural gas supplies, automakers are stepping up their search for alternatives to natural gas in their factories. In response to this demand, Dürr took the lead in launching an electric heating car body drying room, which has been put into use in a Scandinavian paint shop as the first green power reference project since 2018. Practice has proved that the quality of car body drying has not declined. , still in line with high standards.

In the automotive painting process, the body drying consumes the most energy, resulting in high carbon dioxide emissions. Replacing natural gas with renewable energy sources such as green electricity can reduce CO2 emissions by around 40% compared to traditional paint shops, a major step towards climate neutrality and increased security of supply.

From traditional ovens to EcoSmartCure compact ovens, to the innovative EcoInCure ovens that dry car bodies from the inside, all Dürr ovens can use future-oriented new energy sources. Hydrogen and biogas can also be used. As a pioneer in electric car body ovens, Dürr has proven expertise in retrofitting and new electric ovens. Being a mechanical and plant engineering company enables the individual evaluation of existing equipment to develop outstanding energy alternatives, enabling automakers to switch energy quickly and cost-effectively.

Reduce costs by improving energy efficiency

Fossil fuel prices are expected to rise further in the medium term, while the cost of equipment using renewable energy is falling as the number of factories that rely on electricity increases. Heiko, Product Manager, Dürr Systems
Dieter explained: “To help car manufacturers use environmentally friendly green electricity for efficient and economical production, we have developed a complete package with several energy efficiency modules, including: advanced thermal insulation concepts, skidless conveying technology, and Dürr EcoSmart
The VEC drying room control system solves the problem through a multi-pronged approach. ”

Ultra-low exhaust gas temperature

Oxi.X RV
The air pollution control system uses electricity and operates on the principle of a Regenerative Oxidizer (RTO). Dürr is one of the few suppliers that can offer complete solutions, both electric ovens and electric exhaust gas treatment systems. Electric heating system adopts
The RTO is designed to separate heating from air pollution control. Heating is done in several discrete, compact independent units, eliminating the need for large heating piping systems, so the Oxi.X RV
Has the added advantage of simplifying the layout. With efficient heat recovery, car manufacturers can use almost all of the energy in the exhaust gas to heat fresh air, keeping energy losses as low as possible.

Demand-based power control

The Dürr oven is also equipped with another energy-saving tool – the predictive EcoSmart
VEC fresh air and exhaust gas control system. According to the specific number of bodies in the oven, the specific energy demand can be determined to adjust the power consumption of the oven and reduce consumption during partial load operation. In addition, the oven was switched to Dürr skidless conveying technology, such as cross-bar conveying technology, which saves energy and reduces the need for heating and then cooling.

The body is dried by electric heating, which will not change the spraying process

Doerr notes that the demand for electric ovens is increasing dramatically. “Currently, Dürr has several projects in the pipeline. As a professional paint shop supplier, we can provide complete solutions for electric drying and air pollution control, combined with energy-saving technologies to reduce operating costs”, Heiko
Dieter said, “We are implementing all of this into our product portfolio. Customers do not have to worry about the risk of switching to electric body drying technology, the quality of the body after electric heating can maintain the original Dürr level, and None of the drying conditions have changed, the only thing that has changed is the energy.”