Annual output of 100,000 tons! Jiaxing modified new material project started construction

Latest News: Recently, Jiaxing City held a 100-day project promotion on-site meeting and the launching ceremony of the expressway ray project construction. Feng Zhonghai made a report, the relevant leaders of the Party Working Committee Management Committee, the principals of various departments (units) in Zhapu Town and the port area, and the representatives of the project units participated.

At the ceremony, Zhejiang Maidui Technology Co., Ltd. started construction on the high-performance resin project with an annual output of 220,000 tons and the modified new material project with an annual output of 100,000 tons.

The total investment of the project is about 1.177 billion yuan. After the project is put into production, it is expected that the company’s new annual output value will exceed 2 billion yuan. The high-performance resin project with an annual output of 220,000 tons belongs to the zero-land technical transformation project. In the technical transformation of the original factory area, the project adopts the internationally leading high-performance resin patented technology with independent intellectual property rights of Dalian University of Technology. Good economy, less waste and other advantages.

The implementation of this project makes full use of the technical advantages of a reasonable combination of product solutions, which is conducive to the enterprise to further optimize the product structure, enhance the strength of the enterprise, and become a refined and strong chemical integrated industry of Maidui Technology; annual output of 100,000 modified new The material project covers an area of ​​about 69 acres. The project is mainly dedicated to the research and development and production of high-performance resin modified products. It will form an upstream and downstream industrial chain supporting the 220,000-ton high-performance resin project.

Gao Kangke, general manager of Zhejiang Maidui Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the project plans to build an enterprise technology center with outstanding R&D capabilities, introduce high-end R&D technical talents in the field of modified engineering plastics, and deeply develop common and key technologies in the field of modified new materials. Research and form a research and development and industrialization base for high-performance modified new materials.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiaxing Port District has actively implemented the expansion and effective investment work around the city’s goal of “early preparation, early start, and stable growth”. Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, Jiaxing Port District has made every effort to provide enterprise services and project promotion, and constantly consolidate the economic growth rate. The cornerstone of quality development. From January to May, the investment in fixed assets in Jiaxing Port Area was 2.757 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.8%, ranking first in the city in terms of growth rate.

It is reported that during the 100-day campaign to advance the project, Jiaxing Port District arranged a total of 12 newly started projects with a total investment of 13.03 billion yuan, 11 newly completed projects and 8 newly put into operation. The start of construction and commissioning of these projects will accelerate the stabilization and recovery of the port area’s economy, boost the development confidence of the whole society, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the year’s goals and tasks. By the end of September, the investment in fixed assets of 7 billion yuan has been completed, a year-on-year increase of more than 10%.