Ascend Performance Materials Introduces ThermaPlus Thermal Stabilization Technology for Nylon 66 Resin

Latest: Ascend Performance Materials has introduced ThermaPlus thermal stabilization technology for nylon 66 resin.

Ascend officials said ThermaPlus
The material can be a high temperature, high ductility alternative to nylon 46 without sacrificing ductility, processability or mechanical properties. This material has excellent properties while being exposed to high temperatures up to 150°C for long periods of time.

Potential applications for ThermaPlus materials include high temperature sensor housings, automotive cable ties and fasteners, high temperature hose clamps, and more. This material can also be reground and recycled.

Ascend is a global leader in nylon 6/6 resins and compounds with annual sales in excess of $3 billion.