Avient Introduces High-Performance UV Laser Marking Technology for FEP Wire and Cable

Latest News:On June 13, 2022, Avient Corporation, a premier provider of professional and sustainable material solutions and services, announced the launch of Kolan™ UV laser marking technology for the aerospace industry of high performance fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) wire and cable applications.

Fluoropolymers like FEP are able to withstand high heat and corrosive environments, while also having excellent dielectric properties and sustained service temperatures. This makes them a common choice for wire and cable aerospace applications. Today, the industry is focused on miniaturization, resulting in the use of smaller, thinner wires. But laser marking on thinner wire surfaces presents challenges. For example, traditional printing techniques can cause marks to peel off, or marking with infrared (IR) lasers can cause surface damage.

New Colorant Chromatics
UV laser marking technology can achieve permanent laser marking with very little impact on the surface of thinner wires. In addition, this unique formulation has good processability due to reduced caking.

“Our history of delivering high-performance solutions is evidenced by our strong portfolio of fluoropolymer color concentrates and high-temperature formulations.” Anne, General Manager, Colorants Group, Yafei Corporation
“We are excited to bring this new UV laser marking technology to market, which will allow our customers to meet their stringent performance requirements,” said Hippert.

Koland Group’s UV laser marking technology can make the marking on the surface of FEP permanent and benign, with a contrast ratio of 60-80%, in line with SAE
AS4373F and EN-3475-706 Aviation Industry Standards. This technology is available in colors specified by the aerospace industry, including light red, green, purple, blue, white and gray.