Baoye and BASF reached a cooperation to change the color of car paint from PVC to TPU era

Latest News: August 22nd news, Baoye (BAOYEE
EASTERN) announced that it will cooperate with the world-renowned chemical company BASF (BASF) to jointly develop TPU material car paint color change products. According to the content of the cooperation, the two parties will jointly develop a new TPU material car paint color-changing product based on Baoye’s color-changing car clothing, which will be launched to the market in the near future.

As an emerging car material brand, Baoye has unlimited pioneering vitality; while BASF is a chemical company with a long history in Germany, with strong technical strength in the field of chemical materials. This time, the two parties have joined hands to enter the color changing track. Thanks to the new advantage of Baoye brand, the long history of chemical research and advanced material synthesis technology of BASF Chemical Company, the color-changing car clothing launched will be practical in the car clothing market. It has a good performance in the application and has become a new star of the Guochao car clothing brand.

The purpose of this strategic cooperation is to open up new market opportunities for both parties, jointly promote the new TPU color-changing car cover film, and promote the sustainable development of the new material industry and the popularization of TPU color-changing car cover in the domestic market, so as to help the rise of domestic brands. This is a win-win situation for both Baoye and BASF. Both parties will use their respective advantages to jointly explore new business opportunities on a global scale and jointly create a new benchmark in the color changing car clothing industry.