BASF and cyclos-HTP jointly publish insights on recycling PE/PA multilayer films

Latest: BASF, in collaboration with the cyclos-HTP Institute, has jointly published new insights into the mechanical recycling of polyamide-containing co-extruded flexible packaging films (PE/PA multilayer films).

As an independent testing and certification body, cyclos
HTP, on behalf of BASF, systematically investigated the recyclability of PE/PA multilayer films and confirmed its results in 2021. The conclusions of these investigations are now available in BASF and cyclos
Available in a 25-page publication on the HTP website.

In tests, coextruded PE/PA multilayer films with PA6 and PA6/6.6 concentrations up to 30% were used with tie layer materials. Based on established CHI standards, cyclos-HTP tested these films for recycling compatibility and recyclability in PE film streams from commercial sorting processes for household flexible plastic packaging waste.

In addition, the cyclos HTP Institute used these latest results to differentially certify the recyclability of individual flexible PE/PA packaging structures through a case-by-case review.

An excerpt from the publication states, “Because the recyclability classification of packaging materials is closely linked to political and economic interests, it is not only impossible to take a holistic approach to assessing the advantages and disadvantages of individual polymers and related packaging solutions while considering practical constraints. Yes, but not required in individual cases.