BASF and Nippon Paint China jointly launch innovative industrial eco-friendly packaging in China

Latest News:

● Take the lead in applying Joncryl® HPB water-based barrier coating in the field of architectural packaging, realizing the innovative application of “paper instead of plastic” industrial product packaging

● The new packaging is expected to reduce the use of thousands of tons of plastic and recycle nearly 10,000 tons of paper bags every year

● Build a green industrial chain for sustainable development of China’s packaging industry

Recently, BASF and Nippon Paint China, a leading paint manufacturer, jointly launched a new industrial environmental protection package, which is gradually applied to Nippon Paint dry powder mortar engineering products. The package features Joncryl®, a water-based acrylic dispersion from BASF
As a barrier material, HPB products are mainly used in Nippon Paint’s dry powder mortar products. This is also the first time that BASF’s water-based barrier coating products have been used in industrial packaging in China.

HPB series products have excellent vapor barrier and water barrier properties, which can replace plastics used in traditional packaging, significantly improve the recyclability of paper-based packaging, and realize the innovative application of “paper-based plastic” industrial product packaging. The use of Nippon Construction Engineering products is expected to reduce the use of thousands of tons of plastics and recycle nearly 10,000 tons of paper bags every year, effectively saving forest, land, water, electricity and other resources, reducing carbon emissions, promoting a circular economy, and promoting the packaging industry. continuous development.

Jiang Chuye, managing director of BASF’s Asia Pacific resin business in the printing and packaging industry, said: “Sustainability and innovation have always been BASF’s core strategies, and we are committed to providing customers with sustainable solutions that help them reduce their carbon footprint, use resources efficiently, and Helping the industry to realize its commitment to sustainable development. This cooperation with Nippon Paint is another innovation we have made in the field of industrial packaging, and our joint contribution to leading the development of the industry, promoting a circular economy and creating a better life.”

Bai Yi, President of Nippon Paint China Purchasing Headquarters, said: “Sustainable development is an important strategy that Nippon Paint has adhered to for many years. This cooperation with BASF is another step forward on the road of green development. Nippon Paint will continue to play the role of green’ action. ‘Style, through the green upgrade of product packaging, linking upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain, building a green ecology in the industry, and leading the new trend of sustainable packaging, making green development a core competitive advantage.”

Nippon Paint China is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based Li Shi Group, which officially entered China in 1992. Its business covers a variety of fields, including decorative coatings, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, marine coatings, kitchen and bathroom substrates, protective coatings, coil coatings, Powder coatings and auxiliary materials, etc., are committed to becoming a leader in overall coating solutions.