BASF/Shanghai Xuechen provides cold chain solutions for Hema Xiansheng to help prepare for “Double Eleven”

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The life of fresh food lies in “freshness”.

Fresh food has a life cycle. Compared with traditional products, there are higher risks and costs in storage and transportation. If you want to fight the competition of fresh food, the storage of fresh food must be strictly controlled.

To be “fresh”, cold storage comes first

Hema Xiansheng is affiliated to Alibaba Group, creating a community-based one-stop new retail experience center for consumers, using technology and human touch to bring people “delicious life”. In response to Double Eleven, several cold storages and fresh food distribution centers have been built or are to be built in cities such as Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an.

BASF’s construction company, Shanghai Xuechen, is the designated supplier of Alibaba, and provides thermal insulation solutions for these cold storages using BASF’s characteristic thermal insulation materials.

BASF Materials Contribute to Alibaba’s “Double 11 2022”

Do it with Elastospray®!

BASF Elastospray CH1612 and Lupranate B1001
The solution provides Alibaba’s cold storage with good fire performance, while also saving energy, quick installation and extending the life of the building. In the future, Alibaba will continue to build more than 1 million square meters of cold storage to meet the food market in more than 20 cities in China. This undoubtedly means that we have a greater opportunity to cooperate with Alibaba through Shanghai Xuechen.

BASF and Shanghai Xuechen will continue to penetrate into China’s cold chain industry and continue to work on low-temperature construction fields such as cold storage and indoor ice and snow sports venues.