Blundstone uses BASF’s Infinergy® for new RotoFlex® safety boots

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● Infinergy® Infinergy™ combines the best cushioning and support performance to bring a new comfort experience

4 August 2022 – Leading safety shoe brand Blundstone has launched RotoFlex®, a new range of safety boots made from BASF’s Infinergy® foamed thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU).

Infelix™ recovers 55% of energy with each step taken and is lighter than traditional materials, helping to reduce fatigue for safety shoe users. Soft and elastic Inflix™ provides outstanding cushioning and shock absorption. This allows the wearer of the Blundstone RotoFlex to work safely and comfortably throughout the day.

Adrian Blandford, Global Business Manager (Work and Safety), Blundstone, Australia, said: “Safety shoe wearers may need to stand for more than 10 hours a day. This puts a lot of pressure on their feet, legs, joints and lower back. Infelix™ Known for its outstanding performance in safety footwear, this will undoubtedly benefit consumers in the Australian safety footwear market including tradesmen, construction workers, miners, warehouse logistics workers and transport workers.”

The Blundstone RotoFlex range is now available in safety and workwear stores across Australia. The boots will also be unveiled at the Workplace Health and Safety Expo in Sydney from 20-21 September 2022.