Cangzhou Dahua’s high molecular weight brominated PC products were successfully put into production

Latest News: On the evening of June 30, Cangzhou Dahua announced that the company’s high molecular weight brominated PC products have been successfully commissioned in a recent test run. The commissioning of high-molecular-weight brominated PC makes the company the first enterprise in China to produce high-molecular-weight brominated PC by continuous production.


High molecular weight brominated PC has good flame retardancy and can be widely used in thin films, modification, home appliances, automobiles, OA office and other fields. The synthesis stage is affected by the steric hindrance of bromine, so it is not easy to prepare, and the technical threshold is high. The successful production of this product has further enriched Cangzhou Dahua’s PC product categories and expanded Cangzhou Dahua’s application in the field of high-end PCs.