Cangzhou Risun Chemical’s 300,000-ton caprolactam expansion project was successfully ignited

Latest News: On August 30th, the caprolactam expansion project of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd., which was constructed by the Second Branch of China Chemical Engineering Thirteenth Construction Co., Ltd., was successfully ignited and started the original oven work. It marks the successful completion of another major milestone of the project, laying a solid foundation for the commissioning of the entire plant. This is the second successful ignition project of Jinhua Furnace after the refractory brick gasifier renovation project of Shaanxi Chemical Group this year.

The gasification device of the project adopts the technology of Beijing Qingchuang Jinhua Technology Co., Ltd. coal-water slurry water-cooled wall waste boiler gasifier (Jinhua Furnace 3.0). Two open and one standby, the gasification pressure is 6.7MPaG, and the gas volume of a single furnace is 65000Nm3/h (CO+H2).

Project Overview

The caprolactam expansion project of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern chemical project that produces liquid caprolactam as raw materials such as blue carbon, benzene, oleum, and lye. The construction site of the project is in Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Industrial Park, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. It mainly builds a 300,000-ton/year caprolactam plant, a 270,000-ton/year cyclohexanone plant, and a 343,000-ton (35%)/year hydrogen peroxide plant. , 450,000 tons/year ammonium sulfate unit, 80,000Nm3/h blue carbon hydrogen production unit, 300,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia unit and supporting raw material facilities and public works facilities.

The raw material of the PSA hydrogen production unit of the caprolactam expansion project of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is the blue carbon hydrogen production unit. The operating pressure can reach 5.9MPa. It is the pressure swing adsorption unit with the highest pressure in Southwest Chemical Industry, and the product gas volume is 55000Nm3/h.

The project adopts the world’s top process technology, high single-line production capacity, low investment cost, greatly improved operation control and energy utilization, low consumption rate of raw materials and public works, low consumption per ton of caprolactam benzene, and less by-product ammonium sulfate. The product quality is excellent, and all indicators far exceed the national standards. It can be applied to various worsted or high-speed worsted textiles and special engineering products. It has laid a solid foundation for the next step to build a new polyamide material industry base in Bohai New Area. .

Cangzhou Risun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Risun Group Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a chemical enterprise mainly producing polymer materials. In accordance with the requirements of Hebei Province’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, Risun Group is committed to building Cangzhou Park into a “new material industrial cluster” in China. The project is a provincial and municipal industrial support project, which has been included in the coastal development plan of Hebei Province and the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Cangzhou City. The construction scale is an annual output of 400,000 tons of caprolactam.

The first phase of construction includes: 200,000 tons/year of cyclohexanone, 200,000 tons/year of caprolactam and corresponding supporting projects and public and auxiliary facilities. The second phase of construction includes: 200,000 tons/year of cyclohexanone, 200,000 tons/year of caprolactam, 120,000 tons/year of nylon-6, etc. The first phase of the project, 100,000 tons/year of cyclohexanone, was completed and put into operation at the end of 2013, and the 100,000 tons/year caprolactam was put into operation in June 2014.