CCCC of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Caprolactam Expansion Project

Latest News: On August 9, Li Chengbei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, was invited to attend the handover ceremony of the caprolactam expansion project of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd., and represented the company and all participating units to Cangzhou Xuyang Yang Chemical Co., Ltd. formally applied for CCCC in the coal gasification area.

Li Chengbei first congratulated the CCCC in the coal gasification area of ​​Cangzhou Risun Chemical Co., Ltd., and thanked Cangzhou Risun Chemical Co., Ltd. and all the participating brother units for their support and help to our company during the construction process. Li Chengbei introduced the construction content and construction situation of each participating unit in detail. He said that under the careful organization and scientific planning of leaders at all levels of Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd., all participating units have always adhered to the principle of “one family, one heart, one goal”. With the general idea of ​​​​working together, overcoming difficulties, and jointly overcoming various impacts brought about by the new crown epidemic, under the premise of ensuring the safety and quality of the project construction, the construction node was successfully reached and the construction was completed. Target. At present, the coal gasification area plant has the conditions for handover. After the handover, all participating units will continue to closely cooperate with the workshop to complete the system purging, air tightness, commissioning and other work to ensure the smooth production of the plant on schedule.