China-Thailand Import & Export Completes Turkey’s First Large-scale Chemical Product Transaction

Latest News: As the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo was held as scheduled, recently, the overseas investigation and research team of China-Thailand Import and Export Corporation met for the first time with Turkey’s PVC, BDO and other industrial companies with the largest demand for chemical products A long-term cooperation agreement was signed, and the most economical road-rail combined transportation was adopted for the first time, and the first product of the trial cooperation was nearly 1,000 tons. This is the first time that Zhongtai Group has implemented the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter with practical actions, and it is also a transcript presented by Zhongtai Group to the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the ever-changing new changes, new characteristics and new patterns of international economic and trade, under the arrangement and deployment of the Zhongtai Group Party Committee, the Zhongtai Import and Export Party Committee has closely focused on the new situation and new turning points of the international market, and actively grasps the research, judgment, and market competition. Focusing on the long-term extension of the online chain and the safety and risk prevention, 4 batches of 6 party members and cadres were scientifically selected to go overseas to investigate and investigate international trade business, further expand the overseas international trade market, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of international trade services.

Over the past few days, under the premise of scientific epidemic prevention and safety, the overseas investigation and research team of China-Thailand Import and Export has actively overcome unfavorable factors such as jet lag, diet and weather, and strictly followed the itinerary plan and route. Visited more than 10 major VIP customers, more than 30 groups, companies and factories in the three major cities and ports of Turkey. After many consecutive days, many times, and multiple people’s repeated comparison and selection, they finally chose to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with this industry company.

Ren Mingfeng, the team leader and deputy general manager of China-Thailand Import & Export International Business Department One, who is investigating and investigating in Turkey, said: “Samarkand, the historical city of the ‘Silk Road’, has once again become world-famous. After the investigation and investigation in Turkey, our team will be divided into batches. Set off for Samarkand and open a new chapter in the China-Thailand international trade in the Central Asian market.”

Xu Junfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of China-Thailand Import and Export, said that the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important speech at the 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Samarkand has brought more depth to international economic and trade cooperation. With many historical development opportunities, Turkey’s unique geographical advantage is conducive to Sino-Thai international trade to lead the European market, drive the Middle East market, expand the African market, enrich the market of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, and deeply cultivate the markets of countries along the “Belt and Road”. Sino-Thai Import and Export will vigorously carry forward the Silk Road spirit, adhere to high standards, sustainability, and benefit the people’s livelihood, and demonstrate quality Sino-Thailand and a beautiful Xinjiang in the process of extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing.