Comprehensive emergency drill for maritime transport of dangerous goods in western Hainan

On the morning of June 24, the 2022 comprehensive maritime emergency drill for ships carrying dangerous goods in western Hainan was successfully held at the No. 5 anchorage of Dongfang Basuo Port. The drill was commanded by Cao Yiming, deputy mayor of Dongfang City, hosted by the Hainan Maritime Search and Rescue Center and undertaken by eight maritime search and rescue sub-centers. 15 units and more than 160 people participated in the drill, dispatched 11 ships of various types, 1 aircraft, and 1 120 ambulances.

At about 9 o’clock that day, the drill kicked off as the commander-in-chief issued an order to start the comprehensive emergency drill. The simulation situation of the drill is that in the case of poor visibility, the “Aquila” loaded with crude oil was out of control when the steering gear was out of control when it was approaching the second loading and unloading area of ​​Basuo Port and was anchored at No. 5 anchorage of Basuo Port carrying dimethyl carbonate. The “Far East Deming” wheel collided. Accidents cause people to fall into the water, damage to ships, leakage of dangerous goods, poisoning of people and ship fires. After receiving the alarm, the eight maritime search and rescue sub-centers immediately launched the “Dongfang City Maritime Search and Rescue Emergency Plan”, reporting to the Hainan Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Center and the Dongfang City People’s Government’s duty room, and coordinating all forces to go to the on-site waters to carry out fire rescue operations.

After learning of the danger, the eight maritime search and rescue sub-centers immediately dispatched the “Haixun 1108” to the scene to command, and established an emergency headquarters, convened relevant industry experts to conduct consultations and judgments, and deployed rescue and disposal work. Rescue forces such as maritime, emergency, firefighting, maritime police, environment, health and health quickly implemented dangerous situations in accordance with the work deployment of the emergency headquarters. In the end, “Sea Police 23013” successfully rescued the drowning personnel. The fire rescue force guided the “Bagang Tow 7”, “Eight Port Tow 8” and “Minhua Tow 19” to cooperate with CITIC Haizhi Helicopter to successfully eliminate the danger of ship fire. The “Minhua Tuo 19” ship and the medical staff of the emergency center successfully transported the poisoned and comatose people. The cleanup vessels “Huali 2” and “Huali Oil 9” successfully encircled and controlled and removed the leaked dangerous goods, and the environmental department monitored the environmental standards. Through the concerted efforts of various parties, subjects such as search and rescue of drowning persons, comatose rescue, ship fire fighting, marine anti-fouling emergency disposal, and marine environment testing have been successfully completed.

During the exercise, the commanders at all levels made decisive decisions, commanded properly, and took the initiative at the first moment of danger; all participants obeyed the orders, followed the instructions, and performed their duties and cooperated closely in accordance with the prescribed procedures; All aspects of the drill responded in a timely manner, the ship, shore, and search and rescue centers communicated smoothly and efficiently, and the search and rescue forces of all parties coordinated quickly to ensure timely and effective handling of dangerous situations, and the drill mission was successfully completed.

The drill focused on the handling of hazardous chemical ship accidents in the eight jurisdictions, covering all elements of marine ship firefighting, life rescue, environmental rescue and property rescue, and fully demonstrated the handling and transportation by member units of the eight marine search and rescue sub-centers The collaborative combat capability of dangerous cargo ships in emergencies has accumulated practical experience in dealing with complex emergencies, further improved the emergency handling capabilities of dangerous cargo ships at sea, and created a good water traffic safety environment for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. (Zhang Binbin, Pan Di)