Covestro Desmodur BL 3575/1 MPA/SN heat-activated HDI curing agent low heat yellowing


Based onHDICapped aliphatic polyisocyanate

Supply form

about 75% Solvent Naphtha100 / 1-Methoxy Propyl acetate-2(178)


withDesmophen® used together with the brand, can prepare light-fast one-component baking polyurethane coating




Measurement units


Non-volatile ingredients (0.2 g/60 min/ 80°C


<ssp; 160°C 20 minutes
Baking temperatures can be significantly reduced using metal catalysts.
For coil coating systems, Desmodur® BL 3575/1 MPA/SN can achieve full crosslinking without catalyst addition at temperatures above 232°C.

– Store in original sealed Covestro container.
– Recommended storage temperature: 0-30°C.
-Protect against moisture, heat and foreign objects.
General Information: Storage at higher temperatures will result in increased color and viscosity. Will result in solidification on storage at significantly lower temperatures. This curing is reversible by simply heating the product without adversely affecting product quality.

Storage time
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