Covestro’s production site in Mata, Thailand receives ISCC PLUS certification

Latest: Covestro’s production site in Mata, Thailand has recently been awarded ISCC
PLUS certification, the internationally recognized certification system for biomass and bioenergy sustainability. This means that the company can now supply customers in the ASEAN region with a wide range of high-performance polycarbonate plastics, including compounds and polycarbonate films, which are produced from alternative raw materials and are of the same quality as fossil raw materials.

Timo Slawinski, Managing Director and Head of the production site, said: “We are delighted that the Mata House site is another Covestro through ISCC
PLUS certified main production base. With this, we will continue the push to replace fossil raw materials with alternative precursors. “Covestro’s Matafu production site received its first mass-balanced raw materials, phenol and acetone, from an Asian supplier in August, with which the first ISCC-qualified batches were produced.
PLUS certified polycarbonate.

This certificate enables Covestro to supply a wide range of mass-balanced products between sites across regions, such as Makrolon® RE plastics and Makrofol® films, which have a significantly lower carbon footprint than fossil-based products. The first thing to mention is that these plastics are Covestro’s CQ (Circular
Intelligence) series of circular intelligence solutions. With the new concept of CQ, Covestro aims to highlight the content of alternative raw materials in products, thus providing clear guidance to customers looking for such products.

For example, in the mass balance method, bio-based or recycled raw materials are injected at an early stage of raw material extraction and are embodied in a certain proportion in the finished product. This saves fossil raw materials and reduces CO2 emissions, while the quality of the mass balance product remains unchanged compared to purified stone products. With embedded solutions, customers can continue to use their proven formulations, equipment, processes and specifications. At the same time, Covestro supports them in achieving their sustainability goals.

In addition to the Mata House production site, Covestro’s production sites in Shanghai, Changhua, Leverkusen, Dormagen, Krefeld-Urdingen, Antwerp and Filago have also passed ISCC PLUS certified.