Delivery of the first phase and repurchase of the second phase, the Megvii logistics solution is favored by the world’s largest spandex manufacturer

Latest News: Recently, the second phase of the Ningxia Hyosung spandex three-dimensional warehouse project has been implemented, and the project continues to use the Megvii intelligent three-dimensional warehouse solution. This is mainly due to the good foundation of cooperation between the two parties on the first phase of the project and the trust in Megvii’s professional capabilities. Previously, the first phase of the Ningxia Hyosung Intelligent Warehouse Project, supported by Megvii Robotics, was completed and officially put into production in June this year, bringing about a three-fold increase in operating efficiency, a three-fold increase in space utilization, and a greatly reduced labor intensity for workers. Application effectiveness.

Client Profile

Hyosung Spandex (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ningxia Hyosung) is a new spandex production base in Ningdong, Ningxia, which is newly built by Hyosung, the world’s largest spandex manufacturer in South Korea, with an annual output of 360,000 tons of spandex and its raw materials. The first phase of the project has been completed and put into operation by the end of 2021. It is understood that in the next few years, with the completion and operation of Hyosung Group’s new spandex project in Ningxia, the spandex industry agglomeration effect of Ningxia Ningdong Chemical Base will be further highlighted, and it is expected to become the world’s largest spandex production base – “China Spandex Valley” .

Customer needs

Production capacity is growing rapidly, and there is an urgent need to expand storage capacity. In recent years, as a new material, spandex has been in increasing demand because of its excellent elasticity and comfort. Hyosung’s spandex production capacity is growing rapidly, and it needs to expand its inventory capacity.

The degree of automation in the chemical fiber industry is low, and digital and intelligent upgrades are urgently needed to solve labor problems. In the past, most factories in the industry were mainly manual operations, and faced the problems of high physical labor intensity, loud working environment, and high temperature, resulting in high turnover rate of workers and difficulty in recruiting workers. Digital and intelligent upgrades can effectively deal with them This problem can also improve operational efficiency.

Project Background

Hyosung positions the “smart factory” as the key to becoming a super-first-class enterprise. Hyosung believes that the construction of smart factories has become a necessary measure for production-oriented enterprises, and hopes to improve the quality of super-first-class levels on the basis of smart factories, actively develop new technologies, and further consolidate its market as the world’s No. 1 spandex manufacturer control.

Megvii has rich experience in the robot industry and is a trusted partner in the industry. The corresponding team of Megvii Robot has many years of industry experience in chemical fiber spandex, and has passed the inspection of many chemical fiber industry projects. Therefore, Hyosung Spandex Ningxia Base chose Megvii Robot to build an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse for it.

High requirements for the stability of automation equipment. Spandex products are produced 24 hours a day, which requires higher quality and stability of automation equipment.

Project plans and workflows

In order to establish an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse to meet the needs of future business development, Hyosung Spandex selected the Megvii intelligent three-dimensional warehouse solution, using stackers, conveyor lines and other equipment, and equipped with a dispatching system to realize the storage and delivery of goods. After delivery, the mother pallet can be automatically de-stacked, automatically put in and out of the warehouse and other functions. A vertical warehouse connects to a workshop, stores the finished products produced by the corresponding workshop, and realizes the connection between logistics and production.

1-Silk Thread Packing.gif

Silk Wire Packing

2- Robot Coder.gif

Robot Arm Code Wheel

3- wrapping film.gif

wrap film

4-RGV connection.gif

RGV connection

5- The stacker is put into storage.gif

Stacker put into storage

6- Forklift delivery + empty pallet stacking.gif

Forklift delivery + empty pallet stacking

Project performance

Labor intensity is reduced. All are handled and accessed by automated equipment, reducing the handling volume by about 7,000 kilograms per hour and greatly reducing the labor intensity.

Improved labor efficiency: The efficiency is 3 times that of the traditional manual operation mode.

Improved space utilization: Compared with the previous flat library form, the space utilization has been increased by 3 times.

Has the industry leading demonstration effect: As a leading enterprise in the industry, the automation and digital intelligence upgrade of Ningxia Hyosung spandex factory will help the promotion and application of intelligent library in other factories of Hyosung Group, and the automation and digital intelligence of the entire industry. The upgrading also has a certain leading demonstration effect.