Dongguan Issues Self-discipline Regulations for Precursor Chemicals Enterprises

On June 26, the Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Management Association issued five group standards including the “Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Production Enterprise Self-discipline Standard” (hereinafter referred to as the “Self-discipline Standard”).

It is understood that the “Self-discipline Specification”, as a useful supplement to the existing precursor chemicals management regulations and normative documents, as well as the internal rules and regulations of precursor chemicals enterprises, will cover production management, operation management, use management, transportation In terms of management, warehouse management, etc., it is of great significance to guide the precursor chemicals enterprises in Dongguan to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the precursor chemicals industry.

The Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau proposed the idea of ​​”functional departments + social organizations” integrating and cohesion, encouraging and guiding the Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Management Association to continuously consolidate the results of the “Eradicate-01” special action in Dongguan in 2018 On the basis of this, combined with the development situation and needs of the industry, the member units of the management (supervisory) board of the association take the lead in drafting and formulating the “Self-discipline Specification”. Documents and internal rules and regulations of precursor chemicals enterprises are supplemented.

In the past two years, under the guidance of the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Management Association has organized and held several seminars, conducted in-depth field research, listened to and adopted opinions from various parties, and gradually understood the operation status of five types of enterprises. , there are difficulties. Combined with the survey results, gathered the strength of the association’s expert database, and in the form of industry categories, experts wrote and participated in the drafting of the first draft of the “Self-discipline Specification” for 5 enterprises.

The relevant person in charge of the Dongguan Anti-Narcotics Office said that the “Self-discipline Code” has been reviewed by industry experts and approved by the China National Institute of Standardization, and is professional, forward-looking, and operable.

“At present, 98% of the enterprises involved in precursor chemicals in the city have joined the association. From now on, we will focus on the theme of “Self-discipline”, in the form of ‘down-to-earth’ such as online theme competitions, etc. Promote the practical application efficiency of the “Self-discipline Standards” and improve the level of self-discipline in the precursor chemicals industry.” said Wu Zhiguang, President of Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Management Association.