Emergency Management Department: 2,422 hidden dangers were found in 71 styrene enterprises

Latest News: According to the news from the Ministry of Emergency Management on July 6, the Ministry of Emergency Management recently organized relevant associations and experts to provide expert guidance services to 71 styrene enterprises in 9 key provinces across the country. There were 2,422 hidden dangers, including 71 major hidden dangers, and 15 enterprises that did not meet the conditions for safe production were ordered to stop production for rectification, eliminating a number of major hidden dangers in time.

Through the guidance and service work, the safety production status of styrene enterprises was found out, and the in-depth diagnosis and analysis of the enterprises’ low level of intrinsic safety design, low degree of automation control, insufficient risk identification in key links, poor professional quality of employees, and weak safety management foundation Such outstanding problems have promoted enterprises to implement the main responsibility for safety production, promoted local emergency management departments to strictly supervise and enforce the law, and played a positive role in promoting styrene enterprises to improve the level of intrinsic safety and effectively manage and control major risks.

In the next step, the Emergency Management Department will supervise the rectification of hidden problems, earnestly focus on the rectification of common problems in the industry and prominent problems in key areas, and organize “look back” in a timely manner to ensure a closed loop of rectification; study and optimize the technical specifications for risk prevention and control in the styrene industry to form a long-term effect mechanism; promote technical exchanges and training, organize feedback exchange training sessions, further improve the level of intrinsic safety, resolutely prevent and contain major accidents, and promote the safe and high-quality development of the styrene industry.