EU asks member states to reach 80% natural gas inventories by winter

Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, June 27 (Reporter Kang Yi) The European Council approved a rule on the 27th that requires member states to reach at least 80% of their gas storage capacity by this winter and 90% by next winter. %, and natural gas can be shared among member states.

The regulation pointed out that, considering the large differences in gas storage capacity and national conditions among countries, member states can partially achieve gas storage goals by storing LNG or alternative fuels. Given that some member states do not have natural gas storage facilities within their borders, these countries can store 15% of their annual domestic gas consumption in other member states.

The Council of the European Union also agreed to two policy guidelines on improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. It plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix from the current 32% to 40% by 2030, while reducing energy consumption. Usage amount. The relevant content needs to be further negotiated with the European Parliament before it can be approved.

The energy ministers of EU member states held a meeting in Luxembourg on the same day. The European Commissioner in charge of energy affairs, Kadri Simsson, said at a press conference that day that although the natural gas supply of EU member states is still guaranteed, the risk of supply security is greater than ever.

Russia is the main gas supplier to the EU. Currently, Russia has reduced or stopped gas supplies to 12 EU member states. At this stage, Russia’s gas exports to the EU are only half of what they were a year ago.