Evonik Vestanat IPDI Isophorone Diisocyanate 4098-71-9


Manufacturer EVONIK Degussa

Structure :3-isocyanatomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexyl isocyanate

Physical property parameters




Test method

Density (20




Viscosity (23</strongplastic technology (RIM) and water-based adhesives or hot melt glue. In polyurethane resin technology, the preparation of water-based polyurethane dispersions is the most important application of VESTANAT®IPDI, because this starting material can be used to produce low-viscosity prepolymers and final products with low co-solvent content . It is the hard segment component of the resin. If excellent yellowing resistance and low reaction dilution are required Depending on the agent or co-solvent content, you can choose polyurethane acrylates (conventional or water-based) for radiation curing based on VESTANAT IPDI synthesis.
VESTANAT®IPDI can be applied to moisture-cured prepolymers, This is another application for polyurethane resins. IPDI can make these products resistant to yellowing, low viscosity and low residual diisocyanate monomer. Take VESTANAT®IPDI as A basic, solvent-based, high molecular weight polyurethane resin used in coatings that require abrasion resistance, especially where long-term flexibility and lightfastness are required. Typical applications are artificial leather polyurethane resins or natural leather finishes. Use IPDI to polyurethane alkyd resin to prepare urethane Alkyd and urethane oils are primarily used to fully improve the yellowing resistance, drying properties and hardness of these resins.

Application in the field of two-component polyurethane, VESTANAT®IPDI is an addition product with trihydric alcohol (such as: with TMP adduct) or in the form of polyisocyanate (such as: VESTANAT®T1890). This use is primarily for large vehicle and automotive coatings (OEM and refinish).

VESTANAT®IPDI and its polyisocyanates can be used to prepare blocked polyisocyanates. These blocked polyisocyanates can be used for electrostatic spraying powders Cross-linking agent for coatings and solvent-based industrial paints, especially can coatings and coil coatings. IPDI-based cross-linking agent gives solvent-free two-component polyurethane excellent light stability and mechanical properties. This type of system is mainly used in elastomeric coatings and casting resins. Hard systems can be used as industrial materials.

Activity and Catalysis
Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanates are less reactive than aromatic diisocyanates. IPDI usually requires the use of appropriate catalysts to accelerate the urethanation reaction. It is recommended to use dibutyltin dilaurate as the catalyst for urethanization.
VESTANAT®IPDI or the adduct of this product for polyurethane formulation When used as a normal temperature cross-linking agent, dibutyltin dilaurate is often used. When complete or partial reaction of isocyanates and water (moisture) is required, a mixed catalyst of dibutyltin dilaurate and a tertiary amine such as diazodiacyclooctane (DABCO) should be used. In addition to dibutyltin dilaurate, iron acetylacetonate , phenylmercury salt (COSCATR83) is an effective catalyst for solvent-free polyurethanes (elastomers and casting resins). Of course, at high temperatures, resin synthesis is the production of prepolymers , the reaction is also possible without a catalyst. When the temperature increases, the difference in the activity of the two isocyanates of IPDI decreases, so when the catalyst is used at room temperature, the selectivity of the prepolymer is higher. The best selectivity is achieved when the temperature does not exceed 50°C and DBTDL is added.

Storage and transportation
VESTANAT®IPDI is packaged in non-recyclable 30kg cans and 200kg drums For supply, it is also possible to supply by tanker truck and storage tank. If moisture can be eliminated, IPDI can be stored for at least one year without affecting the quality of the above standards. Long-term storage will increase the color index.

It is supplied in � and 200kg drums, and can also be supplied in tank trucks and storage tanks. If moisture can be eliminated, IPDI can be stored for at least one year without affecting the quality of the above standards. Long-term storage will increase the color index.