Evonik’s 3D printing project was selected as one of the top ten cases of “collaborative innovation” among foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai

Latest News: The project of “Liantai Technology and Evonik Joint R&D Laboratory” was selected as one of the top ten cases of “collaborative innovation” of foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai in 2021. The laboratory was jointly established by Evonik and China’s 3D printing equipment leader Luen Thai Technology, focusing on high-performance photosensitive resin formulations and developing solutions suitable for 3D printing scale-level applications.

The selection of the top ten cases of “collaborative innovation” of foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai is guided by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, hosted by the Shanghai Association for Foreign Investment and the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center, and aims to collect foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai (foreign R&D centers) and Shanghai Cases of collaborative innovation in universities, scientific research institutes, and enterprises, to promote the integration of foreign-invested enterprises into the construction of Shanghai’s globally influential science and technology innovation center system.

“We are very honored to receive this honor, which is a recognition of our continuous exploration of local collaborative innovation models.”
Schreibweiss) said, “Close cooperation between material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers is essential to open up new fields of 3D printing applications. The establishment of the joint laboratory will enhance regional technology development capabilities. We will further support local customers by providing them with 3D printing new technology. This collaborative innovation between multinational material manufacturers and local equipment manufacturers will also set a model for the cooperation model of the 3D printing industry chain.”

Ma Jinsong, general manager of Luen Thai Technology, said: “Relying on the respective advantages of both parties in material research, equipment technology, and application research, we have developed a variety of 3D printing innovations for customers in various industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and medical. Products and services. The establishment of a joint laboratory has boosted basic applied research at the front end of the industry chain, and has built a platform for enhancing local innovation capabilities and cultivating local innovative talents.”

In 2020, Evonik, through its venture capital arm, subscribed for a minority stake in Luentech. In July 2021, the cooperation between the two parties was further expanded to the field of research and development, and the “Liantai Technology and Evonik Joint Research and Development Laboratory” was jointly established in Shanghai. Focusing on the actual needs of industrial applications and innovative solutions, the joint laboratory conducts applied basic research with new materials, printing processes, and comprehensive printability as research directions. The research field covers the formulation and process of materials, the structural characterization of parts, the process realization path of industrial parts, the performance evaluation and use of materials, etc.

Since the establishment of the partnership, Evonik and Luentech have cooperated in various 3D printing fields such as automobiles, consumer products, dentistry, and equipment manufacturing, and developed different types of solutions, including automotive lightweight solutions, complex industrial parts and components. Direct molding, production optimization plan for speed-up and cost-reduction in the consumer goods industry, etc.