Evonik’s INFINAM® RG 3101 L successfully launched on Stratasys Origin® One 3D printing open platform

Latest News:

● Expand Evonik’s new applications for the growth market of high-performance photosensitive resins

● Another case of close cooperation between material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers

Evonik’s INFINAM® RG 3101 L photosensitive resin successfully completed material validation on the Stratasys Origin® One printer platform. The results show that INFINAM®
RG 3101 L material is available with Origin®
The One printer platform is a perfect match to produce highly consistent, high-quality, repeatable industrial parts. Stratasys is one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world, and its Origin®
The One is a manufacturing-grade 3D printer capable of mass-producing end-parts using a variety of high-performance materials. It features Programmable Photopolymer P3™ technology for outstanding accuracy, consistency, detail and yield for demanding applications with flexible production.

Data analysis via Origin® One on-site printing, combined with automatic pressure, tension and temperature regulation, INFINAM® RG 3101
L prints parts with a surface finish comparable to thermoplastic injection molded parts and long-term weather and aging resistance. It also has the following characteristics:

● Balanced mechanical properties

● Higher strength (50-60 MPa)

● Higher notched impact strength (40-50 J/m)

● Appropriate elongation (25-35%)

● Excellent heat distortion temperature (75-82℃)

“Evonik is committed to promoting the widespread application of large-scale 3D printing technology across the entire value chain through ready-to-use material formulations.”
Schreibweiss) said, “The close cooperation between material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers is essential to open up the end application fields of 3D printing. Evonik and Stratasys will rely on their respective experience in material research and equipment technology to jointly develop more advanced technology. A wide range of innovative high-performance photosensitive resins that provide more efficient and faster additive manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries.”

“Stratasys has always aimed to enable people to create an economical, personalized and sustainable world without limit, and has become the partner of choice for polymer 3D printing at every stage of the product life cycle.” said Jin Lei, President of Stratasys South Asia: “Stratasys
Origin® One is a revolutionary 3D
Printers capable of mass-producing end parts using a wide variety of high-performance materials, this collaboration between Stratasys and Evonik will transform the ecosystem an industry needs to expand the end-use applications of 3D printing and continuously expand the material ecosystem. ”

Stratasys is one of the global leaders in applied additive technology solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer products and education. 30
Over the years, Stratasys has a total of approximately 1,200 patents approved and pending for additive technology. 3D powered by Stratasys solutions and expertise
The printing ecosystem consists of advanced materials, software with voxel-level control, accurate, repeatable, reliable
FDM, PolyJet, SAF and P3 technology 3D printers, application-based expert services, on-demand parts and industry-defined partnerships. Stratasys has more than 18,000 global
customers across different industries, with more than 3,000 customers in China.

As a commonly used 3D printing material, photosensitive resin has the characteristics of excellent performance, high precision, and fast printing speed. It can be used for the production of small parts with high detail and high precision and the manufacture of functional prototypes. Its structure is much smoother than Other 3D craft products, typical application fields include automobile, aircraft manufacturing, industrial parts or special footwear manufacturing, etc., so the development prospects are broad.

In 2021, Evonik officially launched a new product line of photosensitive resins for industrial-scale batch manufacturing. This series of ready-to-use formula products have excellent mechanical properties, and they are all one-component system formulas, with stable printing and excellent anti-aging properties, which are very suitable for users to directly manufacture batches of parts using programmable photopolymerization industrial printing equipment.

Welcome to the Asia 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition (TCT) held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 31 to September 2, 2022
Asia), Evonik booth: M09, Hall 7, to see various 3D prototypes printed by Origin® One.