Fengyuan Biology and Dahe Technology reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop and promote polylactic acid products

Latest News: On September 9th, Anhui Fengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Dahe Technology Development (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., in Bengbu, Anhui, jointly developed the technology of polylactic acid (PLA) fully biodegradable products. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed for development, product application and market promotion, and the unveiling ceremony of the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Film Pollution Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Dahe Technology Rice Demonstration Project) was held.

Fengyuan Bio, as a leading company in the domestic polylactic acid (PLA) industry, is also a major global supplier of new biological materials. Since 2021, Fengyuan Group has accelerated its deployment across the country, and has successively launched a number of investment projects in Anhui, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other provinces.

Dahe Technology is a developer focusing on the application of fully bio-controllable natural degradation technology headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu. It is a key bio-based new material enterprise that will attract investment and enter the park in 2021 in Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone, a national park. A number of national patents have been obtained, especially the application fields such as fully biodegradable agricultural mulch film and active fresh-keeping packaging materials for food, fruits and vegetables have reached the advanced level in the industry.

Strategic cooperation between two PLA pioneer companies

Fengyuan Bio has been seeking cooperation nationwide with companies capable of manufacturing high-content polylactic acid (PLA) agricultural film to achieve the application and standard establishment of high-purity PLA agricultural film products. Fengyuan Biology highly recognizes the leading polylactic acid fully biodegradable agricultural mulching film modification technology mastered by Dahe Technology and the ecological and green agricultural application scheme of supporting hole breeding and sowing. Dahe Technology’s innovation in polylactic acid fully biodegradable agricultural film rice mulching planting and the accumulated data results of 3 years of rice mulching planting field tests make Dahe Technology the best choice for Fengyuan Bio’s strategic partner.

Li Rongjie, Chairman of Fengyuan Group:

Congratulations to Dahe Technology for being awarded the Rice Demonstration Project by the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Film Pollution Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and becoming a key technology enterprise of fully biodegradable agricultural film by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. In terms of market application and capacity expansion of fully biodegradable agricultural ground cover films, Fengyuan Group will pool resources and provide financial support to provide all support and backup guarantees.

Chen Liping, Chairman of Fengyuan Bio:

For the preparation of the standard of polylactic acid fully biodegradable agricultural ground cover film, Fengyuan Bio will join hands with Dahe Technology to apply to the National Standards Committee. Fengyuan Bio’s technology, scientific research, sales and other departments jointly develop and share intellectual property rights with Dahe Technology in the application technology of related products.

Yu Cong, Chairman of Dahe Technology:

The strategic cooperation between Dahe Technology and Fengyuan Biology, the leading upstream raw material enterprise, not only provides Dahe Technology with advantages and supply guarantees on the raw material side in the production of polylactic acid PLA products in the future. The mutual opening and joint research and development of the two parties in the technical field will also help Dahe Technology to develop a broader market channel for product application in addition to fully biodegradable agricultural film products.