Fireproof and cheaper, NTU develops paint to slow wood burn

Latest: The NTU research team found that when they applied a fire-resistant coating with a thickness of only 0.075 mm to laminated glued solid wood, the coating not only retained the wood’s texture, but also Forms a fire protection layer.

A research team from Nanyang Technological University has developed a new transparent fire-resistant coating. As long as the coating is applied to the wood, the coating can act as a fire-resistant in the event of a fire. This helps prevent the wooden building structure from burning down, thereby preventing the fire from spreading.

At present, fire-resistant gypsum boards (gypsum) and magnesia boards must be installed inside wooden buildings, or fire-resistant coatings similar to paint must be applied to the wood to achieve fire-resistant effects, but both methods will mask the wood grain of the wood itself. .

However, the NTU research team found that when they
Timber) is coated with a fire-resistant coating of only 0.075 mm thick, which not only retains the grain of the wood, but also forms a protective layer of fire protection in the event of a fire.

Associate Professor Aravind Dassari, of NTU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering, led the research.
Dasari pointed out that when the material of the fireproof coating comes into contact with the flame, a series of chemical effects will occur, and the high temperature will also cause the coating to be burned into coke and expand on the surface of the wood to more than 30 times its original thickness. The charred coating is quite heat-resistant and acts like a thermal barrier, preventing the laminated glued wood from burning out, thereby preventing the spread of flames. The coating also produces less smoke during combustion.

Dassari said: “Compared to materials with fire protection functions on the market, such as thermal expansion coatings and fireproof boards, this transparent fireproof coating is very convenient to use, and only one layer can achieve fireproof effect. It can further reduce manpower requirements. Its price is also 50% to 70% cheaper than general materials, less than $1.50 per square meter.”

Builders: Fire Retardant Coatings Can Help Builders Cut Costs

In the past 10 years, more and more construction companies have tended to use laminated glued solid wood as the main building material, which is less expensive and can also speed up construction using this construction technology. Untreated wood, however, burns easily, and NTU’s fire-resistant coating is expected to meet the requirements of the construction sector.

Local timber builder Venturer Timberwork has deliberately adopted this fire-resistant coating to ensure that buildings constructed from laminated glued solid wood are fire-resistant. Company Managing Director Kevin Hill
Hill said: “Existing fire protection solutions, such as using thicker wood to increase the thickness of the coke, or wrapping the wood with fire-resistant panels, are not sustainable building techniques. The fire-resistant coating developed by NTU can help industry players. Reduce costs and reduce the company’s reliance on these more expensive options.”

The research team will continue to work with industry partners to test the effectiveness and durability of the fire-resistant coating on building materials such as polymers and steel.