Flexible and ready to use! Covestro launches TPU solution based on mass balance method

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is there a way

Can it not only help to reduce carbon easily, but also realize instant application?

To this end, Covestro has launched

TPU solution based on mass balance method

Help customers in various industries achieve carbon reduction goals

How mass balance methods can helpEasy to reduce carbon?

In view of the fact that most of the current chemical products are manufactured from fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas, using the mass balance method in the production process to replace part or all of the traditional raw materials with renewable raw materials can save the use of fossil raw materials, and can save energy. while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Introduce alternative raw materials into the value chain, help reduce end products of carbon footprint

In the mass balance method, fossil and alternative raw materials are mixed in production but separated in bookkeeping, making the mass balance method more transparent. This chain-of-custody approach tracks materials through the value chain, continuously tracks the use of renewable resources in various stages of production*, and assigns alternative raw materials to selected end products.

*Remarks: The entire production process has passed ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon
Certification) quality balance certification, which can scientifically and strictly certify the use of renewable resources in various production stages.

TPU solution using mass balance method

Desmopan® TPU certified mass balance to the authoritative ISCC Plus standard
Product portfolio that replaces some or all of the feedstock in existing processes with renewable resources, such as those containing biomass feedstocks or a share of recycled biomass feedstocks (e.g. waste oil), with a lower carbon footprint compared to their fossil-based counterparts, Bring customers the same quality and performance products as ever. As a ready-to-use solution, it can be directly applied to production without technical modification, so that customers have no worries.

What are the main advantages of our mass balance?

Reduce carbon footprint:

Reduce consumption of petrochemical resources and allocate alternative raw materials to reduce customers’ carbon footprint.

Simple and quick solution:

Easily implement our ready-to-use solutions in your customers’ production processes.

No worries:

Operates under the same processing conditions without technical risk. There is no need to change or add certification to existing production lines.

Consistently high quality:

Has the same performance and quality as petrochemical products, maintaining consistent high quality.

Flexible and cost-effective expansion:

A ready-to-use mass balancing solution can be implemented immediately without the need to adjust the production process and can also be used in large batches.

Timely and convenient mass-balanced product supply

Covestro’s Desmopan® TPU portfolio with a mass balance approach can be purchased from the certified Dormagen, Germany plant (for biological or biocyclic properties based on the Krefeld-Uerdingen plant MDI
products) and Taiwan factory (for products derived from MDI with biological or biological recycling properties from the Caojing factory). Therefore we are able to supply quality balanced TPU products to customers in Europe and Asia.

Covestro Desmopan® TPU PortfolioWhy ISCC PLUS
Mass balance certification?

The most popular certifications are ISCC PLUS and REDcert2, followed by others such as RSB and UL. ISCC PLUS
Certification is more aligned with our strategy and goals than other certifications. ISCC is globally recognized and provides transparency through the value chain, while encompassing social and environmental principles. In addition, a large number of companies, including many industry peers and suppliers, have
in the certification system. The system also has wider recognition, for example, ISCC PLUS is accepted by other certification systems such as REDCert2, but REDCert2 is not accepted by ISCC PLUS

Where to use the mass balance methodDesmopan® TPU series product?

From consumer fields such as shoe materials and sports and leisure equipment, IT and electronic equipment, to agriculture, 3D
Printed parts, automotive interior and exterior decoration, cables and other industries and manufacturing industries, wind energy blade films and other functional films, etc., Desmopan® TPU
are key raw materials for these applications, providing direct and effective assistance to manufacturers with carbon reduction goals through the widespread use of mass balance certified Desmopan® TPU products in the industrial and consumer sectors.