Fujian holds a comprehensive emergency drill for the leakage of dangerous chemicals at sea

On June 28, the “Huaying 393” rescue boat participating in the drill was preparing to rescue the “overboard” crew.

On the same day, the “2022 Fujian Coastal Marine Hazardous Chemical Leakage Comprehensive Emergency Drill” was held in the waters of Xinghua Bay, Fuqing, Fujian. A total of 260 people, 21 ships, 1 rescue helicopter, and 2 drones were involved in the drill. And a large number of oil spill emergency response equipment.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Linhai chemical industry in Fujian Province, the transportation volume of dangerous goods at sea along the coast has increased accordingly. In 2021, the coastal ports of Fujian Province will carry more than 200,000 ships carrying dangerous goods in and out of the port.