Fulgar’s innovative recycled polyamide Q-Cycle product unveiled at Milan International Fashion Week

Latest News:A collection of fabrics from two of Italy’s most respected companies, made using high-tech yarns extracted from scrap tires, will be presented at the upcoming Milano Unica trade show display.

Pontetorto, a Tuscan textile group known for sports and fashion apparel, and Luxury
Jersey, a Lombard-based manufacturer specializing in fabrics woven from high-quality fibers, reaffirmed their choice of Fulgar’s green portfolio and championed Fulgar’s Q-CYCLE project to promote a circular economy in the textile industry.

This revolutionary yarn is the product of pyrolysis, an innovative chemical recycling technology – part of BASF’s ChemCycling process and Fulgar yarn manufacturing technology – that makes recovering precious eco-sustainable fibers from end-of-life tires possible. Scrap tires are one of the most polluting materials globally, and one of the most difficult to handle. In Europe alone, 1.37 million tons of tires (40% of total production) are incinerated every year, producing massive CO2 emissions.

With Fulgar Head of Marketing Alan
In the words of Garosi, “Our green program is constantly evolving, always targeting the latest cutting-edge in sustainability. Q-CYCLE is the result of a partnership with BASF that allows us to build value for our brands and partners, reflecting the Italian Excellence in manufacturing products.”

“This innovation has great potential and in the not too distant future it will also allow us to recycle pre- and post-production waste in the textile industry, making the production process fully circular within the same supply chain. We are delighted that our commitment has been fulfilled Pontetorto and Luxury
Recognition from a high-quality partner like Jersey. Like us, they have chosen to promote a culture of quality and sustainability in the textile industry. ‘ continued Alan Garosi.

Q-CYCLE is an innovative polyamide that offers all the functional and aesthetic advantages of virgin polyamide – lightness, tack and resistance – while also having a green edge. It is the ideal yarn for the production of high-quality, eco-sustainable fabrics, the perfect solution for luxury sports and fashion.

Marco, Head of Pontetorto Sports Collection
Toccafondi said: “For us, the transition to a sustainable fabric supply chain is an overarching goal. It is a concrete commitment that brings us closer to an innovative and continuous research-driven supply chain company like Fulgar. Q-Cycle The project immediately appealed to us because of its extraordinary ability to use sophisticated technology to transform objects such as tires that would have a devastating impact on the environment into high-quality native products, allowing us to create fabrics dedicated to the world of luxury sportswear .”

Federico, founder and general manager of Luxury Jersey
Boselli commented: “Our collaboration with Fulgar is renewed every season and expanded to include new opportunities that allow us to create a truly sustainable collection of high-quality fabrics. Our commitment is to make eco-designer compliant fabrics and will appeal to customers who are increasingly demanding garments that combine high performance, style and low environmental impact.”