GNG Group opens new mattress factory in UK

Latest: The new 40,000 sq ft factory and warehouse project in West Yorkshire, UK, which took 8 months to complete, is now fully operational, increasing the mattress production capacity of GNG Group’s Mattress division more than 300%.

The £1.75 million investment is expected to create at least 20 more jobs this year and 30 more jobs in 2023.

The GNG Group, which produces high-performance foam products for the healthcare, sports, safety, consumer and contract mattress sectors, has expanded rapidly in recent years, particularly in its medical and consumer mattress divisions, which include the Komfi vacuum-packed mattress brand.

In response to continued demand, the company has relocated from its 25,000-square-foot production site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, to a newly refurbished facility in Normanton, West Yorkshire, UK, regenerating the long-dormant site.

In line with the company’s commitment to finding environmentally friendly solutions, new factories and warehouses are equipped with low-energy lighting. Solar power and electric forklifts will be introduced soon. After achieving carbon neutral certification in 2019, GNG is planning additional investments in machinery to maximize production and efficiency, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Group Managing Director Darren
Potterton is spearheading the company’s expansion: “With more than 40 years of tradition, GNG has become a leading brand in British-made mattresses, serving the UK market and expanding internationally. Not only do we have many popular brands in our portfolio , based on our reputation for quality and service, we have also become one of the largest indirect suppliers of medical mattresses to the NHS.”

He continued: “Given our expertise in the field, combined with a skilled in-house product development team and the latest equipment, the mattress division is in a strong position. Our new purpose-built production facility provides us with substantial additional capacity, Thus establishing our position in the market. At a time of great disruption and uncertainty in global supply chains, we are finding that more customers here are turning to UK manufacturers they can trust, so we are able to continue to deliver fast and efficient delivery time is more important than ever.” Stuart, Director of Sales at GNG
Hibbert said the relaunch of the Komfi mattress brand in the UK in 2020 resulted in a 70% increase in sales. “We acquired The Foam earlier this year
After Company, we also expanded our product range with the addition of the Sonlevo brand. “This is a very exciting time for business, and this latest investment will allow us to continue to drive the market by raising the bar for product innovation and performance, including providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional mattresses,” Hibbert said. development of. ”