Henan Energy: Promote Anyang, Yima, Puyang and other industrial parks to actively introduce external strategic investors

Latest News: On June 14, Henan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission reported that Henan Energy and Chemical Group recently issued the “Henan Energy and Chemical Group Chemical Industry Transformation and Upgrading High-quality Development Strategy Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) , fully implement Henan’s energy and chemical industry’s “East and West” development strategy and the “1+4” industrial development direction, and vigorously promote the in-depth development of the four major chemical parks in the province and the western region to extend the chain and strengthen the chain, and upgrade new chemical materials. The level of industrial development, to achieve the goal of high-quality development of transformation and upgrading.

Focusing on the goals of innovative development, green development, and industrial layout, the “Plan” proposes that by 2025, the chemical parks of Henan Energy Group will basically form a high-quality development pattern with strong independent innovation capabilities, reasonable structural layout, green, safe and low-carbon.

Science and technology are primary productive forces. The “Plan” clearly requires that it is necessary to increase scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the road of “production, education, research and application” collaborative innovation, and strive to master the cutting-edge technology of the chemical industry in the future. It is necessary to extend the industrial chain of polyester materials such as PET, PBT and POM, and strive to develop into a more practical, extensive and convenient new chemical material industry through the integrated development of upstream and downstream; carbon fiber products will develop from structural materials to functional materials, traditional chemical While vigorously developing the market, the industry will increase technological innovation and develop new material products that meet consumer requirements. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, 1 to 2 pilot test bases will be built, and 1 innovative leading enterprise and 1 high-tech enterprise will be cultivated. The investment intensity of science and technology shall not be lower than 2% in 2022, 2.5% in 2023, and strive to reach 3% in 2025.

Focusing on the development direction of the “1+4” chemical industry, the “Plan” points out that it will speed up the transformation and upgrading of green technology in traditional chemical enterprises, eliminate outdated equipment and technology, and vigorously develop the low-carbon green new material industry. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the four major chemical bases in Puyang, Yima, Yongcheng and Hebi will be cultivated into green development demonstration parks. By the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the proportion of fossil energy consumption such as coal, oil and gas will decline, and the proportion of clean energy consumption such as wind, solar, and hydropower will increase significantly. By 2023, the energy consumption intensity will drop by more than 18%.

Regarding the industrial layout, the “Plan” proposes that it is necessary to base on the existing chemical industry foundation and resource advantages, implement the four-character policy of “advance, retreat, supplement and transfer”, adhere to the development strategy of “introducing the east to the west”, extend the industrial chain, and realize the traditional The transformation and upgrading of chemical industry and basic raw material chemical industry, and the chemical industry with special polyester, biodegradable plastics, polyurethane elastomers, and high-end electronic chemicals are developing towards high-end, diversification and low-carbon development. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, 36 projects such as MMA/PMMA, PBAT/PBS, PGA, POM, large tow carbon fiber, acetonitrile, calcium sulfate whisker, polyurethane, and electronic chemicals will be implemented, and 711 new high-end chemical products will be produced. 10,000 tons, the revenue of new materials and fine chemical products will account for more than 90%, and the chemical industry structure will be significantly improved.

In terms of realizing transformation and upgrading and revitalizing assets, the “Plan” points out that it is necessary to focus on the four major parks of Puyang, Yima, Yongcheng and Hebi to strengthen joint ventures and cooperation with large central enterprises, listed companies and well-known private enterprises. We will cooperate with local governments to “introduce” high-end chemical enterprises in the eastern coastal areas, and precisely extend the chain to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain. At the same time, accelerate the progress of bankruptcy and reorganization of the first batch of chemical companies, actively communicate with local governments, and promote the introduction of external strategic investors in Anyang, Yima, Puyang and other industrial parks, and realize corporate nirvana through the introduction of funds, technologies, mechanisms and projects. rebirth.