Henkel Electronic Adhesive South China Application Technology Center opened in South China

Latest News:August 15, 2022 –
Henkel Electronic Adhesive South China Application Technology Center was officially opened in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. This is the first technology center established by Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies Electronics division in southern China to better support local consumer electronics customers. The center has a number of advanced test analysis and research laboratories, as well as joint development laboratories, fully supporting consumer electronics customers to accelerate the development of next-generation products and empower the industry to innovate and develop.

Henkel Electronic Adhesive South China Application Technology Center is located in the center of China’s consumer electronics industry cluster – Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It can provide customers with timely technical support, strengthen cooperation with customers, and accelerate prototype design. The technology center has four consumer electronics technology platforms: structural bonding, underfill and encapsulation, thermal interface management materials, conductive adhesives and conductive ink applications, and can carry out performance testing of various adhesives and application product development.

The South China Application Technology Center can access Henkel’s professional team and global laboratory resources in real time, and connect massive material experimental data in parallel. It is committed to assisting customers in technological innovation and product development through rapid application simulation, data generation and analysis, and accelerating consumption. The listing process of electronic products.

“China is the center of innovation and business growth in consumer electronics. As the latest investment in the global R&D network, the South China Applied Technology Center is another important innovation base established by Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies Electronics Division in China, which will help strengthen our relationship with Connect with local high-tech brands and further expand the depth of cooperation,” said Chen Fuyuan, business leader of Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies Electronics Division in China and India. “Relying on digitization, the South China Applied Technology Center can connect and share global R&D resources and technical expertise, and leverage our competitive advantages in innovation and future-oriented operating models to help enhance our competitiveness in the Chinese market and consolidate Henkel’s presence in electronics A leading position in the adhesive industry. Adhering to our commitment to sustainable development in the Chinese market, we will focus on the environmental protection and durability of materials, and actively use green raw materials to contribute to China’s “carbon neutrality” goal.”

South China Application Technology Center is equipped with advanced mechanical performance evaluation equipment, constant temperature and humidity system, reliability testing and failure analysis and other professional research facilities, and has built industry-leading printing direct molding structural technology/conductive ink laboratory and color matching glue application. laboratory. With advanced analytical instrumentation and strong engineering capabilities, the technology center is capable of in-depth and comprehensive material characterization analysis, providing customers with application simulation and process optimization of emerging technologies. In addition, the South China Application Technology Center has a joint development laboratory, which provides space for innovative designs jointly developed by Henkel and customers.

Dr. Ni Kefan, Head of Technology, Asia Pacific, Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies Electronics Division, said: “For the consumer electronics industry, providing groundbreaking electronic products to end consumers is inseparable from material innovation. The South China Applied Technology Center has state-of-the-art technology. Strength and rich R&D resources, among which the joint development laboratory can strengthen innovation and collaboration with customers, and through customized innovation, support customers to calmly respond to the challenges of product technology iteration and sustainable development, and help accelerate the transformation of the consumer electronics industry And development.”