Huntsman develops new filler metering system that enables cast polyurethane elastomers to contain up to 25% recycled content

Latest: Huntsman has developed a new ready-to-use filler metering system that can mix up to 25% recycled content (by weight) into hot cast polyurethane elastomer systems .

The new system can be added to Huntsman’s existing Castech machines for casting compact polyurethane elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams through isocyanate and chain extender combinations.

The system enables it to produce Tecnothane engineered elastomers filled with recycled rubber, solid PU and TPU, and fiber, Huntsman said in a June 30 statement. Recyclables can also vary in density and size upon request.

Elastomers can be used in durable components in harsh industrial and logistics applications such as wheels, casters and rollers for mining equipment, warehouse vehicles and playground roller coasters.

To maintain the integrity of the integral part, the metering system is designed to minimize the risk of air bubbles forming when adding recycled filler.

Once mixed with the material, the recycled content “flows freely into the mold along with the rest of the material combination and binds well to the matrix,” Huntsman said.

“With a range of replaceable parts, the machines are completely flexible and can be customized to the customer’s requirements,” explains Andrea Ghermandi, Business Development Manager at EAME.