In order to achieve carbon emission reduction targets and 100% recyclable packaging, Want Want Group and Dow reached a sustainable development strategy

Globalpu News: Recently, Want Want Group and Dow Company signed a sustainable development memorandum to jointly develop recyclable packaging and environment-friendly composite adhesives, which is the first step for Want Want Group to achieve carbon emission reduction goals and packaging 100% The important step taken by % recyclable is also the sustainable development goal of helping Dow Company to “achieve carbon neutrality by 2050”, which will promote the achievement of the sustainable development goals of both parties.

Photo caption: The outer packaging of products like this will be 100% recyclable in the future. Photo courtesy of Want Want Group

In order to promote green development and promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, the food manufacturer Want Want Group not only practices its own sustainable development, but also actively cooperates with suppliers to promote emission reduction in the value chain. emission reduction in the value chain.

Cao Yongmei, director of production and R&D group of Want Want Group, said: “In order to better create long-term value and cope with water risks and the impact of climate change, as one of the leaders in China’s food industry, we are well aware of the company’s ability to create an environment-friendly value chain. , to encourage consumers to make consumption choices that are conducive to the sustainable development of the planet. In the pursuit of sustainable development, the challenges to be faced require everyone and every organization involved to take responsibility. We are delighted to work with Together, Dow is pioneering this sustainable path, and is encouraged by Dow’s choice of Want Want to apply innovative sustainable packaging to products that consumers love.”

“Investing in sustainable development requires perseverance and cannot be achieved overnight. This cooperation is an important step for us and Want Want Group. In the long run, it will help us both optimize our sustainable development plans and strategies.” Dow Packaging and Bambang Li, Vice President of Specialty Plastics Asia Pacific Business
Candra said, “We will continue to drive innovative solutions and help more partners achieve the SDGs.”

Jayne, Director, Global Adhesives, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics
Wong said: “Adhesives are an important part of helping to reduce emissions and realize a circular economy. We are not only committed to promoting the application and development of sustainable packaging on a larger scale, but also actively exploring more benefits of sustainable packaging, including Improve efficiency, save energy, and help customers reduce their carbon footprint in production and transportation.”