Indian polyurethane foam mattress maker uses Milliken colorants to stand out in a competitive market

Global Volume Polyurethane Network News:Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd, already a leader in India’s fast-growing polyurethane (PU) foam mattress market, is aggressively expanding its position.

The Hyderabad-based company, known for its Century mattress brand, said India’s polyurethane foam mattress industry has been growing at double-digit rates for years with no signs of abating. Shree
According to Malani, its national market share is expected to increase to 13-14% from the current 9-10% due to the launch of new products and the expansion of its distribution network.

The company is expanding its product portfolio through a long-term partnership with Milliken’s chemical business in 2008. About four years ago, it began focusing on developing deeper shades of polyurethane foam using Meriken’s Reactint® liquid polymer colorants to further help its products stand out in the competitive mattress market. The strategy is working.

Milliken, the market leader in colorants for the polyurethane foam industry in India, has selected Shree Malani as a partner for its “Dark” program, says Tushar, Regional Manager, Polyurethanes, Milliken India
“Using Milliken’s new Reactint technology, Shree
Malani has launched a variety of new, vibrant colors that not only capture the attention of consumers, but also help Shree Malani differentiate itself in a crowded market. ”

The company said its CenFlex block foam and Resilia high-resilience foam, both of which benefit from a unique deep shade, were among the first such foams to enter the market.

Siddharth, General Manager, Shree Malani Company
“This is only possible with Milliken’s instant blending feature, which allows us to use a variety of shades rather than just primary colors, making our tinting capabilities almost comparable to the paint industry,” Malani noted. Liken’s latest development is to refresh our mid-to-high-end foam and develop deeper colors in various foam densities, which is in line with our brand strategy of being a valued player. We love Murray Ken’s annual color forecast.”

The company also said it uses Milliken & Company’s Reactint Color
Studio benefits greatly by allowing users to find Reactint recipes for any Pantone shade in a number of ways.

Siddharth Malani said: “Our development team is actively using the online Reactint Color
Studio is constantly introducing the latest shades and bringing colors that are unique on the market. In addition to offering almost limitless color options, we found it very easy to use, with a simple interface that anyone can use. ”

He added: “We’re going to Milliken’s local tech center for help with color matching.
We’ve sent samples of colors ranging from coasters to foam and have been delighted with the quick feedback and exact match. ”

Shree Malani’s Centuary Fibre Plates Pvt.
Ltd. has the capacity to produce 600,000 mattresses per year at its three factories, which together occupy about 500,000 square feet. The Centuary brand operates in 18 states in India, with more than 4,500 dealers and more than 450 franchise stores. Shree now
Malani points out that the core and comfort layer foams of all their mattress brands are colored, highlighting a strong trend in the industry.

Shree Malani says it has only used Milliken’s colorants since it launched before 2013. The resulting strategic partnership between the two companies ensures the continuity of all new developments.

The two companies are well positioned to play a leadership role in continuing to develop innovative and colorful new foam and mattress products for the Indian market and beyond.