Inner Mongolia Carbon Neutrality Research Center inaugurated

On June 26, the Inner Mongolia Carbon Neutralization Research Center was inaugurated in Hohhot.

The Carbon Neutral Research Center is jointly established by Inner Mongolia Economic Society and Inner Mongolia Longwei Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly dedicated to the research and promotion of “carbon neutral” technology and industrial development in the autonomous region, and implements “double carbon” for our region. Action provides research consulting services. The main work content of the center is subject research, policy consultation, project consultation, engineering consultation, establishment of expert think tanks, dispatch of expert consultants, organization of special forums, innovation activities, and establishment of an industry-university-research integration platform. After the establishment of the center, it will strive to build a platform for the introduction and transformation of advanced technologies, research and development achievements and equipment products in the chemical industry of the autonomous region, and cooperate with relevant institutions and enterprises to carry out enterprise high-tech projects focusing on “energy saving and emission reduction, green development, and digital transformation”. Quality development promotion activities to promote the in-depth integration of production, education and research in related fields.

At the Inner Mongolia “Double Carbon” Action Seminar held on the same day, a number of experts and scholars inside and outside the region also conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as “Double Carbon” goals and tasks, green transformation, technological innovation, and application of carbon dioxide capture technology. and exchange. (Reporter Kang Lina)