Inner Mongolia sets the upper limit of the total production capacity of calcium carbide during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period

Latest News: I learned from the website of the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that the “Implementation Opinions of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Job of Peaking and Carbon Neutralization” clearly requires:

The first is to clarify the upper limit of the production capacity of key industries. Resolutely implement the requirements to curb the blind development of the “two high” projects. The “14th Five-Year Plan” specifies that the production capacity of steel is 36 million tons, electrolytic aluminum is 7 million tons, ferroalloy is 14 million tons, coke is about 60 million tons, and calcium carbide is 15 million tons.

The second is to improve industry access standards. For newly renovated and expanded high-energy-consuming projects, under the premise of meeting the requirements of dual control of energy consumption in the region, the process technology and equipment must reach the advanced level in the same industry, and the energy utilization efficiency must reach the national benchmark level or advanced standard.

The third is to accelerate the elimination of backward and excess production capacity. From 2021 to 2023, all restricted production capacities in the steel, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, coke, and graphite electrode industries will be withdrawn in an orderly manner.

Fourth, vigorously promote energy-saving technological transformation. Formulate an implementation plan for energy-saving technology transformation in the whole region, include all enterprises whose energy consumption per unit product does not reach the advanced level of the industry into the scope of transformation, fully implement energy-saving technology transformation according to national advanced standards or benchmarking levels, and strive to use three years to promote key industries. The energy consumption per unit of product has dropped significantly, the proportion of production capacity reaching the benchmark level exceeds 30%, the PUE value of the data center has reached 1.3, and key industries in the industrial field have achieved energy savings of more than 5 million tons of standard coal.

The fifth is to promote structural carbon reduction. Vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, issue opinions and supporting plans to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, and cultivate five low-carbon transformations in green agricultural and livestock product processing, modern equipment manufacturing, new chemicals, new materials, and biomedicine An advanced manufacturing cluster with obvious effects, creating an advanced industrial chain with advantages and characteristics such as agricultural and livestock product processing, new energy equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicle manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, modern coal chemical industry, new materials, etc., and strive to achieve the proportion of industrial output value by 2025 More than the energy industry, the output value of modern equipment manufacturing accounts for about 10% of the industrial output value, and the output value of new chemical industry accounts for more than 50% of the chemical industry.