Inner Mongolia suspends 21 types of projects and strictly implements control measures for “two high” projects

Latest News: The government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has recently issued the “Notice of the Negative List of Investments in the Autonomous Region (2022 Edition)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Negative List”), in which 21 categories of companies that do not meet the requirements for high-quality development will be reviewed from three aspects. A cease-and-desist order under the project.

In terms of strictly implementing the national investment policy, the “Market Access Negative List (2022 Edition)” prohibits access items and access items without the permission of the relevant administrative departments, and prohibits investment; Yearbook)” phase-out projects, phase-out projects shall not be newly built, renovated and upgraded, and existing projects must be closed within a time limit; investment in “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2019)” restricted projects are prohibited.

In terms of adhering to the concept of green and low-carbon development, the “Negative List” proposes to resolutely curb the low-level and blind development of “two high” projects, and strictly implement control measures for “two high” projects listed in the autonomous region’s management and control catalogue. The energy efficiency benchmark level or the advanced value of the national energy consumption limit standard per unit product; within the grassland ecological red line, random mining and indiscriminate digging and new mineral resource development projects are strictly prohibited, and other grasslands except those approved by laws and regulations to ensure national energy security and major projects Except for civil sand and gravel projects, no new mineral resource development projects are allowed.

In addition, the “Negative List” also lists a number of suspension items in terms of firmly establishing the idea of ​​”tight days”.

The implementation of the “Negative List” will promote the flow of resources in the autonomous region from low-quality and low-efficiency areas to high-quality and high-efficiency areas, and realize the sustainable, healthy and virtuous development of major project construction and stable investment.