INV-2287 epoxy curing agent IPDA replacement

Product Introduction
INV-2287 is a mixed amine curing agent. It has the advantages of low viscosity and fast curing. The cured product has excellent mechanical properties and high heat distortion temperature.

Technical Indicators
Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
Chroma (Gardner): ≤2
Amine value (acid-base titration): 615
Viscosity (cps/25℃): 5–15
Specific gravity (25℃): 0.93
Active hydrogen equivalent (Ahew): 49
Hundred grams of resin addition (PHR): 26

● Low viscosity
● Quick-curing film
●High heat distortion temperature
●Excellent mechanical properties
●Excellent weather resistance and yellowing resistance

Basic Features*
Usable time (100g/25℃) 33 minutes
Drying time (15g/3mm/25℃) 1.4 hours
Curing hardness ShoreD70 (15g/3mm/25℃) 3.5 hours
*The resin used in the above data is bisphenol A type with an epoxy equivalent of 180-190

●Casting bend
●GRP winding composite materials

Mechanical strength
Failure load (N) 217
Bending strength (MPa) 86
Tensile failure load (N) 2401
Tensile strength (MPa) 55

It should be sealed in the original packaging container and placed in a dry place between 0-40℃ (the temperature cannot be lower than 0℃). It should not be stored in the sun.

Packed in 200kg iron drum.

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