INV PTSI water absorbing agent water removing agent



Monofunctional isocyanate

Supply form

Solvent-free Type, colorless liquid


One Stabilizer for transparent and colored moisture-hardening liquid PU coatings.


Active substances Content (original method) (98±2)%

Other information*

Flashpoint (DIN51584) 150℃
Density@20℃(DIN51757) About 1.29g/cm3
*These values ​​are general information and are not part of product specifications


with paint Resin compatibility must be tested


In paint In the formulation, INV PTSI will react with residual moisture in the pigment and solvent to produce carbon dioxide and soluble passive compounds. Theoretically, 12 grams of INV PTSI needs to react with 1 gram of water, but experience shows that it is more effective if a larger amount is used.

Storage Period

INV PTSI Sensitive to moisture, therefore, must be stored in original sealed containers. If stored appropriately, INV PTSI remains stable for at least six months.


This product It is a highly reactive compound, so special care must be taken during handling.
Reference should be made to the Material Safety Data Sheet, which contains information on labeling, transportation, storage and handling, product safety and ecology.
During operation, attention should be paid to current national regulations governing hazardous and corrosive substances. The reaction of this product with water, alcohol, amine, acid and alkaline solutions is spontaneous and very violent. Therefore these substances should not be poured into containers containing INV® PTSI. Reacts with 1 gram of water to produce 1.313 liters of carbon dioxide.
Once it comes into contact with water, gas will be generated immediately, so do not close the container tightly at this time to avoid rupture. Therefore, containers should be tightly packed to avoid contact with water during transportation, storage and handling.
Once INV PTSI is added to the formulation, solvent system application guidelines should be followed. When using INV PTSI, if no other safety protection measures are required, its proportion of water should not exceed about 5% of the full formula.

INV PTSI It is a highly reactive compound. Although its severe toxicity is very low, it can cause damage to the eyes and oral mucosa. Therefore, skin, eyes and respiratory organs should not be exposed to undiluted product. Therefore, when operating this product, safety goggles and protective gloves should be worn to avoid inhalation and contact with vapor and dust during spraying. It is recommended to apply lotion to protect the skin.
If the ventilation equipment in the workplace is poor, respiratory organs must be protected;
It is recommended to wear a headgear with an air inlet or outlet or a breathing device with a filter.

*100 Gram solution consists of approximately 42 grams of INV PTSI reaction.


20kg/ Plastic lined iron bucket