IPO! INNOVY Polyurethane goes further into the market

Latest News: Shandong Yinuowei Polyurethane Co., Ltd. updated its listing application review status on September 15, and the company has responded to the second round of inquiries.

Inovance initially aimed at the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, but in the context of the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, the company changed the IPO guidance and application section to the selection layer of the New Third Board in August 2021; in December 2021, further related proposals were passed. , apply for a public offering of shares to unspecified qualified investors and be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. On May 5, 2022, the listing application materials of INOV North Exchange were accepted by the Beijing Stock Exchange.

INOV Polyurethane

Located in the high-tech zone of Zibo City, INOV was established in December 2003. The company is a domestic professional large-scale production enterprise of polyurethane raw materials and other downstream derivatives of EO and PO. In addition to the research and development, production and sales of the above products, it also Undertake the construction of sports venues such as plastic runways.

According to the previously disclosed information, the funds raised by INOV will be invested in the expansion project of polyurethane series products with an annual output of 340,000 tons after deducting the issuance costs, as well as supplement the working capital required for the development of the main business. The project was completed in October 2020. Construction.

Previously, Yinuowei completed the construction of 60,000 tons of polyester polyol and 30,000 tons of TPU in the first phase of the project. Relying on the original 160,000-ton/year polyurethane series product project, the 90,000-ton/year production capacity of the original project has been completed, and the remaining 70,000-ton/year product capacity has been incorporated into the construction of new projects. After the completion of the project, the factory will add 340,000 tons/year of production capacity, forming a scale of 500,000 tons/year of polyurethane series products.