News joins hands with Nippon to launch a roof leak-trap elastic waterproof coating with high elastic and crack resistance higher than the national standard

Latest News: On July 27th, JD Home and China Building Waterproofing Association, an authoritative social service organization in the waterproof industry, held the launching ceremony of the waterproof material group standard and strategic cooperation launching ceremony. At the press conference, the two sides launched the formulation of the group standard “Technical Regulations for Residential Decoration and Waterproof Engineering” to promote the standardized and high-quality development of the waterproof industry. Coinciding with the 2nd Jingdong Paint Festival, Jingdong New Department Store, together with Nippon, Oriental Yuhong and other auxiliary materials alliance brands, provides many high-quality waterproof coatings and one-stop painting services to help consumers easily refresh their colorful and beautiful lives.

Initiate the formulation of waterproof industry standards and strict the entry threshold for material and service suppliers

Waterproofing is a professional and systematic project. At present, the product quality and service capabilities of the domestic waterproof industry are uneven, and the standards and specifications are different, making it difficult to provide consumers with an effective purchasing basis and guarantee. In response to this industry pain point, JD Home and China Building Waterproofing Association upgraded the existing standards of the industry and launched the formulation of the “Technical Regulations for Residential Decoration and Waterproof Engineering”. As the co-editor-in-chief unit, JD Home will participate in the compilation of the “Technical Regulations for Residential Decoration and Waterproof Engineering”. In the future, high-quality material suppliers and service providers will be screened according to this standard to provide consumers with quality and reputation assurance.

“Technical Regulations for Residential Decoration and Waterproof Engineering” is positioned as a technical mandatory standard for platform suppliers and a practical traceability manual for consumers. Standardize and upgrade materials, construction, quality assurance, maintenance and other aspects to ensure high-quality and high-level delivery of waterproofing projects. This standard is applicable to the waterproof construction of kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and other parts of new, expanded and renovated civil and industrial buildings. After the preparation is completed, it will be used as the standard for Jingdong home improvement waterproof repair construction services.

In addition to cooperating to formulate industry waterproofing standards, JD Home and China Building Waterproofing Association will also jointly hold online activities for waterproof products and services to increase social attention to waterproofing, provide training for JD Home improvement waterproofing service personnel, and jointly issue construction certificates , to promote the high-quality development of waterproof products and services.

Select high-elasticity anti-cracking waterproof coatings for consumers to buy with confidence

As the core product of home improvement, coatings have higher requirements for waterproof performance. According to the data released at the 2021 annual meeting of the construction waterproofing industry, waterproof coatings will account for 25% of the national waterproofing material production in 2021. In order to meet consumers’ demand for professional and high-quality waterproof coatings, the Jingdong New Department Store Coatings Festival selected a variety of new waterproof coatings and popular products from Nippon, Oriental Yuhong and other auxiliary materials alliance brands for consumers to buy and use with confidence .

Among them, Nippon’s new roof leak repair elastic waterproof coating, adding polyurethane components, achieves high elastic crack resistance 5 times higher than the national standard, adopts environmentally friendly water-based formula, without any irritating odor; Oriental Yuhong launched SPU101 polyurethane waterproof coating new product, penetrating Strong strength, durable waterproof, high elasticity, high flexibility and crack resistance. It has passed the environmental protection certification of China Environmental Labeling. In addition, popular products such as Oriental Yuhong’s Jiajia color flexible waterproof coating also appeared at the venue.

In addition to waterproof coatings, the Jingdong New Department Store Coatings Festival also brought a variety of environmentally friendly coatings from Dulux, Carpoly and other brands that are higher than the national standard. Jingdong National Home Furnishing and Dulux jointly created Zhiyue Beijing standard premium anti-formaldehyde five-in-one latex paint with pure taste and Carpoly Gold-packed five-in-one latex paint with pure taste, all of which have passed a number of high gold content standard certifications at home and abroad. Satisfy consumers’ pursuit of a green and healthy home environment.

It is worth noting that the Jingdong New Department Store Paint Festival also has insight into consumers’ refined and personalized wall painting needs. According to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom and other scenes, as well as children, the elderly, new home couples and other sub-groups, Inventory recommends the corresponding paint products so that consumers can purchase accurately according to their needs, and provide a full set of services such as wall refreshment, beautiful seam and edge trimming, and waterproof repair. From now to July 29, consumers can enjoy multiple benefits such as 50% off all popular products, and the same price of 618 for big-name products.

Home improvement is easy, as long as there is From working with industry associations to initiate the formulation of waterproof standards, to providing high-quality waterproof coatings and other auxiliary materials with the auxiliary materials alliance brand, strictly enforces the entry threshold for products and services, and actively controls the quality of consumers. With the effective advancement of the industry’s waterproof standards, will combine more auxiliary materials alliance brands to provide better products and services to meet consumers’ pursuit of a better home life.